Muricy talks about Benítez’s situation in São Paulo and still believes in a vacancy at Libertadores – Prime Time Zone


Honestly, the idol of the crowd admitted the bad moment of the team, which accumulates five consecutive draws in the Brazilian Championship and occupies 13th place in the table

Erico Leonan / saopaulofcMuricy Ramalho talking to Crespo during São Paulo training at Barra Funda

Muricy Ramalho, football coordinator of the São Paulo, granted an exclusive interview to the narrator Nilson Cesar, do Pan Youth Group, on the night of last Tuesday, 12. Honest, the idol of the crowd admitted the bad moment of the team, which accumulates five consecutive draws in the Brazilian championship and occupies the 13th place in the table, just three more than Bahia, the team that opens the relegation zone. The former coach, however, continues to believe in a classification for the Copa Libertadores da America next year. “A big team like São Paulo has to think about Libertadores. We have players and games for that. It’s the thought”, he commented.

To the narrator, Muricy also spoke about the importance of Martin Benitez in the cast. Elected the ace of the Paulista championship, the Argentine lost space in the second half, frequenting the reserve bank. “Benítez is a midfielder we didn’t have, he treats the ball well. A player who needs to train hard every day. And we expect more from him too”, said the coordinator. On “Nicola’s Blog”, however, the midfielder’s manager, Adrian Castellanos, expressed dissatisfaction with the few opportunities granted by coach Hernán Crespo. According to the agent, the athlete must leave the Morumbi club, if he continues to be supporting the Tricolor. It is worth remembering that he is on loan from Independient to São Paulo only until the end of the year.

Muricy Ramalho also spoke about the pressure on his return to São Paulo. “If I don’t want pressure, I go to my house to have a barbecue and drink beer. In a big club, pressure is part of it. She made me work harder. I don’t really like motivational, because we have to give results. I get paid for that”, declared the manager, who also opened the door on the club’s problems. “The situation at the club is not good. Everyone knows about debt. But we are aware that we have to reformulate the CT. We’ve already bought some devices. Renovation will begin in the locker room. São Paulo was idle for a long time. We have a lot of plans.”