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Narendra Modi Stadium, which was the carafe for sensational records from the very first match.


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India vs England: Team India made history by winning the Ahmedabad Test in just two days.

India vs England: Team India made history by winning the Ahmedabad Test in just two days. With the first two matches of the four-match series tied, everyone’s focused on the third match. The reason is that the winning team will take the lead in the series. But after the Ahmedabad Test match, the hopes of England winning the series were dashed. If this is the case .. All the Team India players have created a new history with their excellent performance. Akshar Patel, Rohit Sharma and Ravichandran Ashwin played key roles. The world’s largest Narendra Modi Stadium broke records today. Let’s get to know Avento now.

1. Akshar Palette is the second spinner after Ashwin
Akshar Patel took six wickets in the first innings against England in the Ahmedabad Test. This is his second Test match. Earlier, Chennai made history by making their debut in the second Test, taking seven wickets in the innings. Akshar Patel bowled the first over in the second innings of the Ahmedabad Test. The first ball of the over was bowled by England batsman Jack Crowley. With this, Akshar Patel became the second spinner after Ravichandran Ashwin who took the wicket for the first ball of the Test. Ashwin did this in the first Test in Chennai.

2. Ishant Sharma feat: First six in 14 years of career.
The Test between India and England at the Ahmedabad Stadium is the 100th Test of Ishant Sharma’s international cricket career. It must be said that this match will go down in history for him. Because .. Ishant Sharma hit a six for the first time in the 100th match. This made the match more memorable in his career. This is Ishant Sharma’s first six in his international career. Ishant Sharma has played 100 Tests and 80 ODIs since making his debut in 2007. He has played in 14 T20 Internationals. Ishant faced about 2677 balls in all these matches.

3. Joe Root who took 5 wickets ..
Although England captain Joe Root is a part-time bowler, Kirol played in the Ahmedabad Test. Root is said to have completely damaged TeamIndia’s first innings. India took Root 5 wickets in the first innings and got into trouble. TeamIndia bowlers tied with excellent spin. TeamIndia is batting with 99 runs for the loss of 3 wickets. Entered Root at that time .. tied TeamIndia for 143 runs. Root who bowled 6.3 overs .. gave up just 8 runs and took 5 wickets. These are arguably the most crucial wickets for any spinner in Test cricket. This is the first time Root has taken 5 wickets in his entire cricket career.

4. Johnny Bairstow utter flop ..
England batsman Johnny Bairstow continued his poor performance against India. Bairstow did nothing in both innings. Another highlight is that Bairstow has scored just 24 runs in his last seven Test innings against India. What is even more surprising is that Bairstow has not even opened an account in at least 5 matches in these seven innings.

5. Joe Root Double Roll: Double Century, 5 wickets.
England captain Joe Root did two miracles in the India-England Test series. Joe Root, who scored a double century in the Chennai Test, did the same in the latest match. In addition to scoring a double century in this Test series, he took five wickets in his name. Earlier, Wasim Akram of Pakistan set the record against Zimbabwe in 1996. Also Dennis Atkinson did this miracle in 1955 against Australia.

6. Ashwin fantastic performance .. Stokes out for the 11th time. Are wrapped
Ravichandran Ashwin’s performance in this series is amazing. Ashwin, who scored a century in the Chennai Test, also hit the ball with his opponents. He had a similar performance in the latest Ahmedabad match. Ashwin took three wickets in the first innings against England. He also played superbly in the second innings that followed. Ben Stokes made history by doing LBW. The reason is that Ashwin dismissed Stokes for the 11th time.

7. 400 Test wickets, Ashwin 600 international wickets
Ashwin continues his unparalleled performance. The Indian bowler completed 600 international wickets with Ben Stokes taking the wicket. With two more wickets to go, Ashwin will take 400 wickets in Test cricket.

8. Akshar Patel took 11 wickets.
Young spinner Akshar Patel took 6 wickets in the first innings of the Ahmedabad Test. He took five wickets in the second innings. He became the first bowler to take 11 wickets in a match in his second Test. He became the highest wicket-taker.

9. Five wickets in the third innings in a row.
In another, Akshar Patel set a record. The young spinner showed his power by taking more than 5 wickets in the third innings in a row. Akshar Patel, who made his Test debut in the second innings in Chennai, took two wickets in the first innings. He then took five wickets in the second innings. He took six wickets in the first innings of the Test match in Ahmedabad today. He took five wickets in the second innings.

10. Two spinners took 18 wickets in 20 overs
The Indian spinners sparkled in the Ahmedabad Test match. In particular, Akshar Patel and Ravichandran Ashwin made the British team tremble. Together they shared 18 of England’s 20 wickets. Of these, Akshar had 11 wickets, including 6 in the first innings and 5 in the second innings. Ashwin took 3 wickets in the first innings and 4 in the second innings. Taken 7 wickets in total. Ishant Sharma took one wicket in the first innings and Washington Sunder took one wicket in the second innings.

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