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Enes Kanter burns arrest warrant.

Turkish officials did not like the analysis of President Recep Erdoğan. Enes Kanter was warned but didn’t want to know.

The Turkish basketball player One’s Edges, who was even born in Switzerland, is once again a “target” of Turkish authorities. This time he received an arrest warrant but ignored the warning.

The Portland Trail Blazers player again criticized the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, saying that the Turkish leader is a “dictator” and “O Hitler from Turkey“. He received an arrest warrant in the United States of America, but he burned the paper.

Kanter exhibited the gesture on social media and added the phrase: “It seems that I hit Erdogan’s feelings a little bit”.

Enes Kanter, 28, was born in Zurich but his parents returned shortly afterwards to his native country, Turkey. He has been in the United States since he was 17, precisely because of basketball. His first team in the NBA was the Utah Jazz.

Your father, a university professor, has been imprisoned for seven years: “They accused him of being a criminal just because he is my father,” said the player, who is classified as a terrorist by the Turkish government, which has therefore already issued an international arrest warrant in 2019.

Kanter is away from Turkey and his family since 2015 – if he returned, he could be arrested immediately because for several years he has directly and publicly criticized Erdoğan’s policy. It came to be detained at an airportin Romania, because Turkey has canceled its passport.

In Portland live in a hotel room and Enes Kanter himself explained to NBC why: “Is safer. There are people out there who can protect you. I already talked to the FBI and they gave me a panic button, which I have next to my bed. If I feel uncomfortable, or if I’m worried about something, I press the button and the FBI will be here in two or three minutes. ”

Enes Kanter will become an American citizen next month.

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