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Assistant referee signals offside

This is one of the changes that will be implemented in the new season.

Those responsible for arbitration in the Premier League, apparently, they liked what they saw in the European 2020, in relation to the video referee: stopping the game less often, less time and intervening only when the turf failure was clear.

On Tuesday the Premier League reported that, in the third season with video referee in the main championship of the United Kingdom, changes will arise in relation to the offside. The laws on what is necessary to signal a foul and on the hand on the ball were also revised.


In the offside, visible changes will be implemented. The first has to do with the irregular positions marked because of millimeters. Last season were 20 goals canceled because of very minimal differences between the forward in question and the last defender. Now the line that the video referee will have at his disposal will no longer be just one with one pixel wide.

Mike Riley, director of local refereeing, explained the change: “We’re going to stick with what we did last year: the one-pixel line, positioning the line of defense and offense. But we will also place the line that is shown in television broadcasts, a thicker line. If these two lines overlap, the goal will be validated“.

Basically, it goes back to the previous rule: in case of doubt, the attacking team benefits.

Still in the offside position, the assistant referees started to keep the flag down in a clear opportunity for a goal, even though they thought there was an offside. now this definition of clear goal opportunity is more limited. For example, if a striker in an irregular position receives the ball close to the touchline, even if he has a lot of space in front of him, he will be flagged out of play immediately.

Taking the topic of television broadcasts, there will also be something different there: viewers will no longer follow the entire process of analysis by the video referee. You will only see the final image, which dictates the final decision.


The Premier League is already known for being one of the football leagues where fewer fouls were reported. But from 2021/22 onwards, the contact will have to be even greater for a fault to be reported.

“The experience at Euro 2020 has shown that people will enjoy football more if the game flows more, if you accept that some small contacts are not missing; they are part of the game,” said Mike Riley.

hand on the ball

Following the instructions of the International Football Association Board, the foul by hand or arm on the ball will only be signaled if there is a voluntary gesture, purposeful, by the footballer in question. If the arm position is natural, the game goes on.

If a player accidentally touches the ball with his hand before a teammate scores a goal, the goal will be validated. But if the player who scores the goal is the one who touched the ball with his hand, the goal will be disallowed.

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