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Richard Carapaz, cyclist from Ecuador, at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Richard Carapaz, gold medalist in cycling, was direct: “The country never believed in me”. Ecuador’s President, Minister and Olympic Committee reacted.

A few days after having climbed the final podium of the back to france on bicycle, having arrived in Paris in third place overall, Richard Carapaz he climbed onto a podium again but this time he occupied the highest place. Carapaz was the winner of the men’s road race in the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Already with the gold medal on his chest, Carapaz criticized entities from his native country, Ecuador: “I am an almost unsupported sportsman. The country never believed in me. This medal belongs to me and belongs to the few people who have always supported me”.

We even had to look for a masseuse, we did not have. We came alone and asked for help. It was the European teams that gave us a hand when we needed it”, warned the cyclist.

Words that put Ecuador’s Olympic Committee and the government of the South American country on the alert. O sports minister You have already recalled that it is the Olympic Committee that handles everything that concerns the logistics of the Olympic Games. And things weren’t planned well.

“We saw things that caught our attention, that worry me and that make me angry. I understand Richard Carapaz’s statements and I agree with them. There are some things that must be made known, regarding Ecuador’s participation in the Olympic Games”, warned the minister Sabastian Palaces, who is in Tokyo following fellow athletes.

Palacios added that he is indignant and justified: “Coaches are lacking, a multidisciplinary team is lacking with sportsmen. But the Ecuadorian government believes that sport is a priority and will work very hard to transform sport in our country”.

O Ecuador Olympic Committee reacted: “Carapaz arrived in Tokyo, on July 20th, thanks to the efforts of this Committee”, assuring that the entity took care of everything, on the cyclist’s trip from France to Japan, and that guaranteed everything that would be necessary in terms of logistics.

O president of ecuador also talked about the subject. Guillermo Lasso reinforced the idea that the Ecuadorian government has as a priority “to accompany” Ecuadorian athletes and admitted: “We agree with Richard Carapaz and we will work to provide comprehensive support.”

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