On the day of an accident with Verstappen and punishment, Hamilton wins at Silverstone – Prime Time Zone


Charles Leclerc and Valtteri Bottas complete the podium; next race takes place in two weeks in Hungary

Disclosure/Intagram @F1Lewis Hamilton wins at home for the eighth time and closes the lead in the championship

The English Lewis Hamilton is back in contention for the title of the season in Formula 1, after winning, this Sunday, the 18th, a tumultuous GP of Silverstone, in England. Racing at home, he was involved in an accident with Max Verstappen on the first lap, ended up taking the leader of the race with a strong accident, received punishment, but recovered to pass Charles Leclerc on the penultimate lap and celebrate his eighth victory on the home circuit. With the result, Hamilton ended a five-race fast and reduced the Red Bull rival’s disadvantage to just eight points. Verstappen maintains the lead in the Drivers’ World Championship with 185 points, but saw the gap drop from 33 with Hamilton moving up to 177 with the victory. The next race takes place two weeks from now, in Hungaroring, Hungary.

Hamilton celebrated as if it were his first victory in Formula 1. And he already has 99 in his career. He took the British flag and took an Ayrton Senna-style tour in Interlagos. He even got out of the car to celebrate with the public. No fewer than 352,000 people were in the Silverstone stands. Visibly moved, he barely managed to talk about the first place after leaving the car, before taking the podium. “Oh my God,” he rubbed his chest and belly. “It was a very difficult race physically, on a wonderful day”, he said, applauded. “We have the best fans in the world, which they don’t have anywhere. It’s a dream, and it couldn’t have been realized without Bottas’ help”, he emphasized. The teammate facilitated his overtaking ahead of the hunt for Charles Leclerc. “I fought my hardest for this twisted wonder.” The Ferrari driver was second and Valtteri Bottas third. Red Bull saw its two drivers out of the scoring zone in a disastrous weekend and a lot of outrage at the collision between Hamilton and Verstappen.

With blood in his eyes and wanting to make up for the previous day’s Verstappen, in which he lost pole at the start of the sprint race, Hamilton made an extremely aggressive start. Perhaps, providing the best first lap of the Formula 1 season. There were several advances towards the Dutchman, until they touched after crossing the straight and the Red Bull driver ended up off the track in a strong crash against the tire protection. The race was stopped. Verstappen received prompt medical attention, soon recovered and even waved to the public. For security reasons, he was referred to the Medical Center within the circuit. He didn’t suffer anything more serious, except pains in his right leg.

Leclerc, who started well and was soon overtaking Bottas, still benefited from the accident of the World Cup leaders and ended up inheriting the first place before the race received the red flag. He would take the lead in the restart, while the test directors assessed who was to blame for the incident. Verstappen’s car was totally damaged. After almost 45 minutes stopped, the race returned. And with Leclerc starting well, giving Hamilton no chances. The direction of the race punished the Englishman in 10 seconds for the accident. He would do it at the pit stop, on lap 28. Before the punishment, the Englishman pressured the Monegasque, without success. Even with the Ferrari engine going out twice.

With the tire change and punishment, Hamilton dropped to fourth place. He would have to do a recovery test to reduce Verstappen’s lead at the World Cup, then 33 points. He soon passed Lando Norris and was trying to get closer to his partner, Bottas. After starting last, Sérgio Perez already occupied the ninth position.
The blisters on the tires worried Bottas, while Hamilton secured the extra point of fastest lap, even though he couldn’t get to Mercedes’ teammate. Leclerc was still in the lead. Pérez, forced to stop again, plummeted to 17th in a frustrating weekend for Red Bull. He would cross in 16th with Sebastian Vettel retired, but with the extra point taken from Hamilton.

With 10 laps remaining, already in second after overtaking Bottas without any work, Hamilton was 7.5 seconds behind Leclerc. It was getting better time with each lap and approaching quickly. With two laps to go, the Englishman stuck in the fight for victory and overtook the huge party of 352,000 present at Silverstone, right on the curve of the incident with Verstappen. He suffered disappointment in the French GP when he lost the lead in the last lap to the Dutchman, running at home he also took the lead in the end, taking his eighth victory on the English circuit. With worn tires, he sought a victory that hadn’t come for five races. Standing applauded, he celebrated with the English flag.

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