Palmeiras draws with Juventude at Allianz Parque and sees the difference for Atlético-MG increase – Prime Time Zone


The team from Rio Grande do Sul started at the front and from São Paulo tied with Danilo, still in the first half

RICARDO MOREIRA/ZIMEL PRESS/ESTADÃO CONTENTPalmeiras sees Atlético-MG open a greater distance in the lead of the Brazilian Championship

O palm trees tied 1-1 with the Youth at Allianz Parque this Sunday, 3rd, in a match valid for the 23rd round of the brazilian. With the result, the team Abel Ferreira reaches 39 points and sees Atlético-MG increase their lead in the lead to ten points. The team from Rio Grande do Sul opened the scoring right at the start, with Guilherme Castilho in a free kick – the ball deflected on Luiz Adriano at the barrier and entered Weverton’s corner. Palmeiras took a long time to react and showed difficulties in creating plays, but ended up reaching the equalizer in the set ball as well: Scarpa took a corner kick, the ball arrived in Danilo, free kick, the midfielder tried to dominate and the ball went up, but he took a swing. volley to check. The first half still had a good chance for each team: Ron tried to heel after Gabriel Menino’s low cross and Douglas defended; on the other side, Sorriso received Michel Macedo, spun and kicked, but Weverton had good reflexes to palm. Two minutes into the second half, Sorriso passed Piquerez, crossed and Guilherme Castilho headed out. The best chance of Palmeiras was in Scarpa’s free kick, which exploded on the crossbar. The home team continued trying to pressure, but took some danger only in a kick from Dudu that was deflected in the marking that went out, and the match ended with equality on the scoreboard.