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Corinthians, Palmeiras, Santos and São Paulo will need to reconcile State with international commitments, having, on average, less than three days between one game and another

Photo montage / Reproduction / Prime Time Zone / Corinthians / Palmeiras / Santos / São PauloThe big four in São Paulo are facing a games marathon

The shutdown of the Paulista championship for a month due to the worsening pandemic of the new coronavirus and the start of the South American championships will cause the big four in São Paulo to face a mind-boggling marathon in the coming weeks. Corinthians, Palm Trees, Santos e Sao Paulo they will need to reconcile the group stage of the State with the trips and commitments of international competitions, having, on average, less than three days between one game and another. This will force coaches to be creative, using and abusing the pieces of their respective rosters.

Corinthians and São Paulo, in fact, are already feeling in the skin. Timão entered the field for the third time this week, on Friday, 16, before the São Bento, by Paulistão. Tricolor, on the other hand, saw their calendar get even tighter, facing four opponents in seven days: Sao Caetano, RB Bragantino, Guarani e Palm Trees, all by State. The extraordinary situations made the coaches Vagner Mancini e Hernan Crespo use more athletes from the grassroots categories. The first used several young people in the face of Railway, promoting the entries of Raul Gustavo, João Victor and Xavier, for example. The Argentine commander beat Bugre with a team full of boys, with Galeano and Wellington standing out. “In football, everything changes. The trend is Friday one team and Sunday another. Last Sunday, we had a victory with a team. Against Ferroviária, we played well and were defeated. I saw good performance. We have to ponder, use the scientific part to know which [atletas] are in a position to repeat the game, ”said Mancini, shortly after the setback for Locomotiva, in Araraquara.

Of the big four, however, Palmeiras and Santos are the teams that are most likely to enter the field in the next 30 days. Alviverde, if he progresses to the Paulistão semifinal, will enter the field 14 times. After being defeated in the decisions of the Brazil Super Cup and yes Recopa Sul-America, the cast led by Abel Ferreira will make several matches for Paulistão, having two long trips on the route: he faces the University, not Peru, it’s the Independent of the Valley, not Equador. The Fish will also have tough duels ahead, such as the clash against the Boca Juniors, the classic with Alviverde and The Strongestin Bolivia. The beach team will be able to play in 13 opportunities in the same period.

See the games marathon

Palm Trees

Up to 14 games in 30 days

  • Botafogo-SP x Palmeiras (4/18 – Paulistão)
  • Universitario-PER x Palmeiras (21/4 – Libertadores)
  • Guarani x Palmeiras (4/23 – Paulistão)
  • Palmeiras x Mirassol (4/25 – Paulistão)
  • Palmeiras x Independiente del Valle-EQU (27/4 – Libertadores)
  • Palmeiras vs Inter de Limeira (4/29 – Paulistão)
  • Santo André x Palmeiras (2/5 – Paulistão)
  • Defense and Justice-ARG x Palmeiras (4/5 – Liberators)
  • Palmeiras x Santos (6/5 – Paulistão)
  • Ponte Preta x Palmeiras (9/5 – Paulistão)
  • Independiente del Valle-EQU x Palmeiras (11/5 – Liberators)
  • Paulistão quarterfinals * (5/13)
  • Paulistão semifinal * (5/16)
  • Palmeiras x Defense and Justice-ARG (18/5 – Libertadores).

Sao Paulo

Up to 11 games in 30 days

  • Sporting Cristal-PER x São Paulo (20/4 – Libertadores)
  • São Paulo x São Bento (4/23 – Paulistão)
  • Ituano x São Paulo (4/25 – Paulistão)
  • São Paulo x Rentistas-URU (4/29 – Libertadores)
  • Corinthians x São Paulo (2/5 – Paulistão)
  • Racing-ARG vs São Paulo (5/5 – Libertadores)
  • Mirassol x São Paulo (9/5 – Paulistão)
  • Rentistas-URU x São Paulo (12/5 – Libertadores)
  • Paulistão quarterfinals * (14/5)
  • Paulistão semifinal * (5/16)
  • São Paulo x Racing-ARG (18/5 – Libertadores)


Up to 10 games in 28 days

  • Corinthians x Ituano (4/18 – Paulistão)
  • River Plate-PER x Corinthians (22/4 – Sul-Americana)
  • Santos x Corinthians (4/25 – Paulistão)
  • Corinthians x Peñarol-URU (29/4 – South American)
  • Corinthians x São Paulo (2/5 – Paulistão)
  • Sport Huancayo-PER x Corinthians (6/5 – Sul-Americana)
  • Corinthians x Novorizontino (9/5 – Paulistão)
  • Paulistão quarterfinals * (11/5)
  • Peñarol-URU x Corinthians (13/5 – South American)
  • Paulistão semifinal 15/5 or 16/5 *


Up to 13 games in 30 days

  • Santos x Inter de Limeira (18/4 – Paulistão)
  • Santos x Barcelona de Guayaquil-EQU (20/4 – Libertadores)
  • Novorizontino x Santos (4/23 – Paulistão)
  • Santos x Corinthians (4/25 – Paulistão)
  • Boca Juniors-ARG x Santos (4/27 – Libertadores)
  • RB Bragantino x Santos (1/5 – Paulistão)
  • Santos x The Strongest-BOL (4/5 – Libertadores)
  • Palmeiras x Santos (6/5 – Paulistão)
  • Santos x São Bento (9/5 – Paulistão)
  • Santos x Boca Juniors-ARG (11/5 – Libertadores)
  • Paulistão quarterfinals (5/13) *
  • semifinal of Paulistão (16/5) *
  • The Strongest-BOL x Santos (18/5 – Libertadores)


It was worse!

If the coaches are going crazy with the difference of 48 hours (or less) between two games, imagine having to go on the field twice in the same day? This happened with São Paulo, in 1994, when it was necessary to challenge Sporting Cristal (PER), for the extinct Conmembol Cup, and, right afterwards, the Guild, fur Brazilian championship. The great highlight of November 11 of that year was Juninho Paulista, currently coordinator of CBF, who participated in both matches and even rocked the net against Peruvians – Tricolor won both 3-1.

The Brazilian football calendar at that time was tighter than the current one, with a greater number of national and continental competitions. São Paulo, for example, played 98 games in 1993, the year in which they won Libertadores, the Club World Cup, the Recopa Sul-Americana and the Super-Sul Sul Americana. Palmeiras, in 1999, had to enter the field 84 times, more than last season, when they won the triple crown and made the maximum number of possible matches: 77.