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Pedri (Spain) vs Seferovic (Switzerland)

The Spanish national team still has a game to play at the Olympics, so the Barcelona youngster will play 73 times this season.

A Spain will play as many games as possible in the Olympic football tournament. In the semi-finals there were two 0-0 draws in the 90 minutes.

O Brazil beat Mexico in penalties, the Spain defeated Japan in extra time 1-0.

Qualified for the final (the scenario would be the same if they disputed the bronze medal), the Spaniards will play six times in Japan and, if there is no unforeseen event, Pedri will break a record, with regard to the 2020/21 season.

Including the Olympic Games still on last season’s calendar, Pedro González will reach the total of 73 official meetings in the season. A record that belonged to Bruno Fernandes, which with the European 2020 reached 72 games.

Radio Catalonia recalls that the 18-year-old played in 37 of the 38 rounds of the Spanish championship. He was only released in the last round, when Barcelona already knew they wouldn’t be national champions. He played twice in the Spanish Super Cup, six in the Copa del Rey and seven in the Champions League. A total of 52 games, with four goals scored by Barcelona.

the spanish selector Luis Enrique was attentive and called the midfielder to qualify for the World Cup 2022 and for the final phase of the European, where he participated in all the games and was even elected the best young man in the tournament. In addition, their numbers stood out in the race.

Luis Enrique did not avoid public praise for his player: “Has anyone noticed what an 18-year-old boy did at a European, named Pedri? Not even Don Andrés Iniesta did it, at this age. Not at Europeans, not at Worlds or Olympic Games… You’ve never seen someone aged 18 playing like this. It is something that escapes any logic”.

Luis de la Fuente, under-21 picker and who led Spain at the Tokyo Olympics, also featured Pedri in qualifying for the European Under-21 and now in the Olympic tournament. The young man is once again a key player, always starting in Japan, just as he had at the European Championship a few weeks before.

Adding up all the official games, and including the final next Saturday against Brazil, they will be 73 meetings held in less than a year.

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