Pelé plays cards at the hospital and his daughter celebrates: ‘Several steps forward’ – Prime Time Zone


Former player has been hospitalized at Albert Einstein Hospital since August 30

Play/ InstagramPelé has been hospitalized for almost a month in São Paulo

Skin is still recovering from surgery at Albert Einstein Hospital, in São Paulo. This Friday, 24, to show his good recovery, his daughter Kely Nascimento published photos on her Instagram account showing the two playing cards in the hospital room. “Teaching me to play lock. I’m getting beaten! Trying to convince myself that I have to give him all figured cards. And even insisted on taking pictures of my state of confusion! In the last few days SEVERAL steps forward”, published Kely, who has been showing his father’s recovery routine on his social networks. At 80 years old, the three-time world champion for the Brazilian Team has not made many public appearances and prefers to protect himself to protect his health, especially in the midst of pandemic of the new coronavirus.

Hospitalized since August 30 in São Paulo for regular exams, the eternal shirt 10 of Santos and the Brazilian team discovered a tumor in his right colon. On September 4, the former player was admitted to remove the tumor in the intestine. His recovery had been good, but he had to return to the ICU in the early hours of Friday last week after some breathing difficulties, but according to the doctors this was just a precaution. Since then, he has stabilized and continues to recover in fourth place.

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