Porto 5 – 0 Moreirense | Días, Taremi and Fábio, the wonder trio – ZAP


Manuel Fernando Araújo / Lusa

Porto was the first of the “big ones” to enter the field and set the tone, and what a motto. The “dragons” received Moreirense and thrashed without appeal or grievance, by 5-0, thanks to a truly devastating second half.

However, already in the first half it was noticed that it was a matter of time before the scoreboard swelled, while the visitors did not have great offensive arguments to annoy Diogo Costa.

Highlight for Pepê’s debut to score in Liga Bwin, a few minutes after entering and, of course, for the trio highlighted in the title of this analysis.

Warm up in the first half, crush in the second

Porto’s natural advantage at half-time, by the domain that it presented throughout the time, by the number of attacking moves, some very dangerous.

You expected goals (xG) of 1.3 sustain the advantage, although this number is largely a result of penalty taken (and suffered) by Mehdi Taremi, at 34 minutes.

Moreirense could even make good offensive transitions, but in the last third the last pass was, invariably, poor. The Iranian striker was the first half MVP, with a rating of 6.4.

The complementary stage is told by the story of the goals. Moreirense threw themselves into the attack in search of a draw, unguarded the defense (they even defended with only two elements) and, in the transitions, the “blues-and-whites” did not forgive.

Luis Diaz (51′ and 65′) scored twice, with ease, Taremi bisou (71′) and the Brazilian Pepe, just entered, he did the fifth, at a time of complete bewilderment for the canons. If the bookmarks received the compliments, let’s not forget Fabio Vieira, owner of three assists.

the best in the field

Or duel between Mahdi Taremi e Luis Diaz for the title of best in the field was one of the interests of the match, but the Colombian ended up gaining the advantage, ending with a GoalPoint Rating from 8.2.

Díaz was once again the greatest figure of the “dragons”, as he was in Alvalade, adding two goals, four shots (two framed) and nine actions with ball in the area from Moreirense, along with…. Taremi. Extraordinary.


c2892b893ddc6b91ec1fc47b19baa76c Porto 5 - 0 Moreirense | Días, Taremi and Fábio, the wonder trio - ZAP