Presented at Flamengo, Renato Gaúcho explains why he refused Corinthians and Santos – Prime Time Zone


Thrilled, the coach praised the Flemish cast, promised an offensive team that will continue fighting for titles

Playback/FLA TVRenato Gaúcho was introduced as Flamengo’s new coach

Renato Gaucho was introduced this Monday afternoon, 12, as the new coach of the Flamengo. At a press conference alongside Flamengo leaders, the coach, who replaces Rogerio Ceni, explained why he declined the invitations from Corinthians e Santos after being fired from Guild, in April of this year. “When I left Grêmio, the first thing I did was go on vacation. It was five years, I needed to enjoy my family a little. I needed to breathe new air. But I didn’t leave Grêmio thinking about Flamengo. I refused invitations from Santos and Corinthians because I needed a vacation. The moment I rested, Flamengo’s invitation appeared. This opportunity I took. I’ve rested and I’m making my big dream come true”, he said.

Moved, Renato Gaúcho stated that he is making a dream come true. “Above all, it’s a pleasure to be here, with this opportunity, to coach this great club. Two, three years ago, I said that I had this dream. And today I am performing. I think every coach has to train big and tall, I think coaching Flamengo is the same thing as coaching the Brazilian team”, commented the coach, who had four spells at the club while he was a professional athlete. “It’s exciting. Title is always title. Today ahead of Flamengo is a title that I still don’t have as a coach. I remember to this day having taken an Olympic lap in ’87 at Maracanã. I hope that with this group, now as a coach, I can make this dream come true”, he added.

When talking about the Flamengo group, Renato also praised the cast and talked about continuing to fight for titles. “The cast is wonderful, very strong. If you’re going to win everything, let’s work for it. Palmeiras, Atlético-MG also want it. Everybody wants. Which club enters the competition and doesn’t want to win? But Flamengo’s cast is strong, yes. Lost some pieces? It lost. But it’s still very strong,” said the coach, who is not frightened by the shadow of Jorge Jesus. “At Jorge’s time, he did an excellent job, he conquered. Domenec and Ceni tried, and I’ll keep trying too. But each one has their work, their ideas. All of them, before Jesus, Jesus himself, after the Dome, Ceni, everyone tried. I will keep trying and working. If every club that hired a coach was 100% sure they would be champions, they would sign a 10-year contract.”

Renato Gaúcho also promised an offensive team, which seeks to be the protagonist in the matches. Your debut will be against the Defense and Justice, next Wednesday, the 14th, in Argentina, for the first round of the octaves of the Copa Libertadores of America. “Flamengo always plays to win. I always had this opinion. I put the clubs I’ve always worked for, in search of victory. The club that seeks victory is closer to victory than defeat. Flamengo, without a doubt, will play forward. Each coach has a way of working, I’ll exchange some ideas with the players. I will try to put into practice what I think is best for the club”, he commented,