President of the IOC makes faux pas in Tokyo and calls hosts ‘Chinese’ – Prime Time Zone


In his first speech in Japan, Thomas Bach tried to apologize by speaking in Japanese to the audience

IOC / Greg MartinThomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee

Thomas Bach finally appeared in public in Tokyo after 10 days in Japan to carry out the Olympic Games. And the first act of the president of the International Olympic Committee (WATCH) was soon commenting on a faux pas. He referred to the hosts as “Chinese”. Bach was giving a stimulating speech when he made the mistake, which he quickly corrected. “You managed to make Tokyo the best-prepared city ever for the Olympic Games. This is all the more remarkable under the difficult circumstances we all have to face,” he began before the slip. “Our common goal is safe and secure gaming for everyone; for athletes, all delegations, and most importantly also for the Chinese people. Japanese people,” Bach said, quickly realizing and correcting his mistake.

The gaffe quickly spread across the country. The speech, in English, ended with a greeting in Japanese to minimize the serious flaw. “Gambari mashou,” he said, which translates to “Let’s do our best.” The opening of the Olympics takes place in ten days and the leader will be at the ceremony. Despite the presence of authorities, organizers and the IOC decided last week to ban fans from almost all disputes in combat measure. Covid-19. The state of emergency went into effect on Monday and runs until August 22nd. Games organizers were criticized for carrying out the competition during the pandemic. There will be approximately 11,000 athletes entering the country, in addition to coaches and commission, officials, judges and journalists.

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