Real Madrid withdraws from negotiations with PSG for Mbappé, says newspaper – Prime Time Zone


The end of the talks comes after the Parisian board refuses an offer of 200 million euros (R$ 1.22 billion, at the current price)

Yoan Valat / EFEKylian Mbappé will not be traded by PSG this season, says newspaper

O Real Madrid gave up negotiations with the Paris Saint Germain by hiring Kylian Mbappé, reported the sports newspaper “L’Équipe”, this Monday, 30, the last day of the transfer window in Europe. The end of the conversations comes after the Parisian board refuses an offer to 200 million euros (R$ 1.22 billion, at current prices). Before, the Spaniards had already made two other proposals for the striker, who has a contract with PSG only until mid-2022;

According to “L’Équipe”, at first, Mbappé will follow at Paris Saint-Germain to fulfill, at least, the current contract. The PSG, however, came out to deny the information of “L’Équipe” that a proposal for 200 million euros had been presented. The newspaper “Le Parisien”, in turn, also published that Real Madrid left the negotiations and that, except in the case of a surprising turnaround, Mbappé will remain at PSG this season. The French press points out that the club in the capital will continue trying to get the contract renewed for the young striker, who has already turned down previous offers to extend the contract.

Negotiations between PSG and Real Madrid were tense. Soon after the first official onslaught, Brazilian Leonardo, director of the French club, criticized the Spanish club. “We consider that the offer is not enough (to sell Mbappé). I will not confirm values, but it is about the amount of 160 million euros. It’s less than what we pay for it [180 milhões de euros, mais bônus], and it is a question that goes beyond that”, he introduced in an interview with the newspaper “Marca”, from Spain. “It’s the way things were done (by Real Madrid), in a disrespectful way. We did everything for Mbappé to stay with us and in a week we won’t change our plan”, added the former player. Leonardo also sent a message to the athlete. “Kylian is the center of the (PSG) project, but not above all. But if you stay or leave, it will always be on our terms. If you want to leave, let’s go, but in our conditions, like any player”, he fired.