Richarlyson reveals that Fortaleza goalkeeper received a ‘black bag’ at the 2003 Brasileirão – Prime Time Zone


The former athlete stated that Jefferson, the Leão’s archer at that time, received money to fail in a match against Ponte Preta, in the last round of the competition, which decreed the relegation of Ceará to Serie B; see the bid

Playback/SBTRicharlyson told the story of ‘black suitcase’ in the 2003 Brasileirão

the former midfielder Richarlyson revealed last Monday night, 19, that he witnessed a case of “black suitcase”, when a player is paid to “deliver” a game, during the 2003 Brazilian Championship, while acting for strength. In an interview with the program “Arena SBT”, the former athlete stated that Jefferson, the Lion’s goalkeeper at that time, received money for failing in a match against the black Bridge, in the last round of the competition. On that occasion, the team from Ceará lost the direct duel for remaining in Serie A by 2-0 and ended up falling to the 2nd division. See the bid below.

“I’ve already been through a situation that had a ‘black suitcase’. Our goalkeeper delivered the game. I was in Fortaleza. There’s no way. It had already happened that there was going to be a black suitcase, but nobody knew which player it was. He arrived at the game, the guy kicked him from behind midfield. The goalkeeper came out saying ‘I’ and delivered it to the attacker, alone. Not that it was a difficult ball. The guy kicked before midfield. After a long time we learned it was him. At the time, we thought it was a failure”, said Richarlyson, who at the time was starting his career as a professional.

Asked if he received a “white bag” when the athlete is paid to try to win a game, Richarlyson nodded. “Yes,” replied the former athlete. “But wait a minute. I’ll rephrase the answer: there are times you have to play, and the white suitcase is just an additive. I was going to play anyway, but money came. Will I lie? How many times have I had a situation in which my team was already out of danger or classified, and another team needed our result…”, added the former steering wheel, who had a remarkable spell at São Paulo, where he won the Championship three times Brazilian (2006, 2007 and 2008), in addition to the Club World Cup.