Rio City Hall fines CBF for crowding in Copa América final – Prime Time Zone


According to the Municipal Health Department, agents also found several irregularities during the match, even though the use limit of up to 10% of each sector of Maracanã was respected.

Fans crowd in front of Maracanã before Copa América final between Brazil and Argentina

A Rio de Janeiro’s city hall fined the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) at R$ 54,000 for “very serious infringement” of sanitary protocols to combat the transmission of coronavirus at the end of America Cup, held at Maracanã, last Saturday, in a match between Brazil and Argentina. Hours before the game, which ended with or title two “brothers”, there was an intense agglomeration of people seeking tickets to watch the confrontation. “The measure was taken in view of the finding of non-compliance with the provisions contained in Resolution ‘N’ SMS No. 4,956, of 07/08/2021 and in the Health Protocol itself presented by CONMEBOL. The configuration of the infraction is very serious, according to the Municipal Health Code and the current legislation that deals with the measures to protect life related to Covid-19, in view of the damage potentially caused to public health”, informed the Municipal Health Department (SMS).

According to the Secretariat, municipal agents also found several irregularities during the match, even though the usage limit of up to 10% in each sector of Maracanã was respected. Furthermore, the folder informed that it is investigating the episode of fraudulent PCR exams. “Despite the efforts of the organizer, it was found that a significant part of the public insisted on remaining without a face mask and disrespecting the minimum distance established of 2 m between groups and families”, argued the SMS. “There was no testing of the guests at the match venue, by means of an antigen search by swab, as agreed by the organizer in the Sanitary Protocol submitted for approval by the SMS”, enumerated the SMS.