River Plate coach controversy over Palmeiras title: ‘The champion is not always better’ – Prime Time Zone


Marcelo Gallardo recalled the semifinal against Alviverde and analyzed the achievement of Abel Ferreira’s team in the Copa Libertadores de América

Reproduction / River PlateMarcelo Gallardo is the current River Plate coach

Marcelo gallardocoach River Plate, argued when commenting on the achievement of Palm Trees on Copa Libertadores de América. In a press conference, where he did not guarantee his permanence in the Argentine team, the coach even praised the quality of the Brazilian team, but declared that the best team does not always win the cup. “They (Palmeiras) showed that they have that sacred fire. On the other hand, for me the champion is not always the best. He has merits, but he is not always the best player. Everything I can say about the final is a matter of opinion. Whoever made merit arrives. And in the final you almost never win on merit. It has to be better in football and on the scoreboard, ”said Gallardo, who has already won the South American tournament with River on three occasions (two as a player and one as a coach).

The coach of the “Millionaires” also remembered the semifinals against Palmeiras, when he saw his team being eliminated after losing the first match by 3 to 0, and winning the second, in the middle of Allianz Parque, by 2 to 0. “We with Palmeiras we paid a very high premium in the first match. We gained a lot of credit in the second game and we didn’t catch up. From the point of view of football, I have no choice but to recognize my team for their form and courage in a match in which we had few chances ”, he concluded.