São Paulo has 8 foreigners with the arrivals of Jonathan Calleri and Gabriel Neves – Prime Time Zone


If the range of options expands for the rest of the Brazilian Championship, the amount also raises doubts for coach Hernán Crespo; check out the situation of the gringos

Reproduction/Twitter/@SãoPauloFCGabriel Neves, from Uruguay, was hired by São Paulo

O São Paulo announced the signing of the Argentine Jonathan Calleri and from the uruguayan Gabriel Neves on the last Monday, 30th, on the last day of the transfer window. With this, Tricolor now has the expressive mark of eight foreign players in its squad. The range of options is expanded to the rest of the Brazilian championship, the amount also raises doubts for the coach Hernan Crespo. This is because, according to the regulation of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), only five gringos can be listed in the scoresheet of each match. The trend, therefore, is that some athletes lose more space throughout the season, and may even leave Morumbi at the end of 2022.

Of the eight foreigners, three are key players in the São Paulo scheme. Emiliano Rigoni, recently acquired, is one of the favorites of the crowd and is going through a great phase, while Arboleda e Martin Benitez they are also stamped figures on Crespo’s team. In addition to the trio, Jonathan Calleri, idolized by the fans, arrives with titleholder status and must have the mission of taking charge of the attack. Gabriel Neves, in turn, was signed with the support of the Argentine coach and will probably have some opportunities at the beginning of his passage. Thus, the trend is that Galeano, Joao Rojas e Ear they are usually absences even from the reserve bank.

The first two even live in an uncertain situation in São Paulo. The Paraguayan, who arrived at the club to work at the base, has a loan agreement until December 2021, when the tricolor board will have to decide whether or not to invest the 600 thousand dollars (R$ 3 million) requested by Rúbio Ñu for 60% of the economic rights of the player. Rojas, in turn, was out for two years due to injuries, returned well in the Campeonato Paulista and extended his contract until the end of this year. After the state title, however, the player did not succeed, becoming a supporting role in the group. Benítez is also not guaranteed to stay. Importantly in Paulistão, the player dropped income due to physical problems and has a loan contract only until the end of the year. To continue with the midfielder, the board will have to pay Independiente (ARG) around R$ 16 million.

Foreigners from São Paulo

  • Jonathan Calleri (Argentina)
  • Martín Benítez (Argentina)
  • Emiliano Rigoni (Argentina)
  • Robert Arboleda (Ecuador)
  • Joao Rojas (Ecuador)
  • Gabriel Neves (Uruguay)
  • Galeano (Paraguay)
  • Orejuela (Colombia)