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Former goalkeeper was announced on Wednesday, 13, and will already be on the field against Ceará this Thursday

Rubens Chiri/ – 08/13/2020Rogério Ceni is back in São Paulo after four years

Former goalkeeper and idol of São Paulo, Rogério Ceni was announced this Wednesday, 13, as the new coach of the men’s first team after the resignation of Hernan Crespo. The 48-year-old coach left the helm of the Flamengo in July and has been without a job since then. Challenged by the fans, Rogério returns to the position he held in 2017 with a different scenario. New board, pressure for titles and bet on medals were some of the changes that have taken place at the club in the last four years. When he left, the president was Carlos Augusto Barros e Silva, known as Leco, who served from 2015 to 2020, and was widely criticized by opponents and fans. The current president is Julio Casares, who took office on January 1, 2021 and is part of the coalition with the former board. Something important that will not weigh on Ceni’s shoulders is the weight of a title either. In 2021, Crespo took São Paulo to the title of Paulista championship and broke a streak of nine years without a cup and 15 years without the state.

However, for a three-time Libertadores team and three-time world champion, aiming only for the State Championship is not enough and the fans think about international competitions. Near the drop zone in the current edition of brazilian, the Tricolor Paulista is far from qualifying for the Sul-Americana and this will be a great challenge for the new coach. The cast is also renewed. In Ceni’s time, the cast was assembled by ‘medallions’ such as Diego Lugano, Lucas Pratto, Christian Cueva and Hernanes, in addition to some contested names. With this team, São Paulo finished the Championship in 13th place. Today, Tricolor has many foreign names hired for this season, such as Orejuela, Rigoni, Benítez, Calleri and Éder, who arrived promising a lot of football. Right now, Rigoni is the most regular.

Number of injuries is a current problem

The São Paulo team is going through many physical problems this season. Counting that the team decided not to take a vacation after the end of the 2020 season – delayed by Covid-19 – the burden may have been greater for the athletes. Only in the Brazilian Championship, Welington, Benítez, Emiliano Rigoni, Daniel Alves (when he was still on the team) and Luciano were low for some games due to injuries. In August, a survey showed that Tricolor was the club with the most medical problems in Serie A so far, with 32 players having attended the DM. This will be a question for Rogério Ceni if ​​he tries to fight for better results until December.