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France won today the second edition of the League of Nations in football, succeeding Portugal, winner in 2019, by beating Spain 2-1, in the final played at the San Siro Stadium, in Milan.

That big football game… in the second part. Spain and France competed at San Siro in the League of Nations final and the French took home the trophy, combining it with that of world champions, which they hold.

after a calculating and boring first half, the second brought stop and response football, emotion and goals, one of them a true anthem. This was France’s first victory over Spain in 15 years.

The first part left a little to be desired, given the profile of the two teams. The finals are usually marked by “chicken broths and cautions”, but this one was abused.

Spain with more possession, in their usual exchanges, but without much objectivity. French pressure to work, but without the world champions being able to reach Unai Simón’s goal in danger.

Thus, only three shots, two for Spain, only one framed, from “La Roja”. The French, even so, managed to enter the opposite area more easily.

The second half was very lively. Little by little, some wear and tear on the part of the Spanish team began to be noticed, the not being able to stop the Gallic transitions so easily.

At 63 minutes, Karim Benzema banged the iron, but the next minute, Spain scored. Mikel Oyarzabal fled down the left and shot across for the first of the night.

But the answer didn’t take long and Benzema, in the 66th minute, got an arc kick from outside the area, and equalized in a goal to raise San Siro.

Luis Enrique’s team felt the “lightning goal” from France and let it happen “reassembled”. At 80 minutes, Mbappé isolated himself and, in front of Simón, shot to make it 2-1.

It looked like the game was over, but Spain didn’t give up, only that Hugo Lloris was up to it and held the advantage, in a crazy endgame.

France succeeds Portugal, who in June 2019 won the first edition of the League of Nations after a 1-0 victory over the Netherlands.


Karim Benzema 8.1 – The Real Madrid striker is in incredible shape. In this final, he rose to the occasion, scoring and making the entire French team play in the last third. Benzema made it 1-1, in a phenomenal goal, but also served his teammates, with four passes for submission, five valuable offensives and five actions with the ball in the opposite area.

Kylian Mbappé 7.1 – The youngster from PSG is on the way up and made an excellent “final four”. Once again he scored again, making it 2-1 against Simón, and his speed was always a problem for the Spanish defence. Mbappé was the most successful finisher of the game, with six shots, three in the crosshairs, and provided the assist for Benzema’s goal himself. In addition to six actions with the ball in the area, he also received 13 approximate passes.

Marcos Alonso 6.9 – Many considered the left-back as the weak point of the Spanish defense, but the Chelsea player silenced critics with a beautiful display, marked by three passes for submission, ten valuable attackers (by far the most in the game) and the most high of ball actions (114). He also won three of four offensive air duels.

Hugo lloris 5.7 – His grade may not be the best, especially because he missed the pass (seven missed risk, the maximum in the game, and only five longs right out of 19), but in the final straight he pulled off a handful of great savers (3). caliber, which held the Gallic advantage.

Pablo Sarabia 5.4 – Discreet game by the Sporting winger, having lost 19 out of 36 possessions and added the maximum number of missed passes (14 out of 39).


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