Sporting 1-0 Maritime | Porro returns to penalty kick – ZAP


Manuel de Almeida / Lusa

What suffering! It’s normal to see the “big ones” completely dominate their opponents, but in this match between Sporting and Marítimo, in Alvalade, there was practically only one team attacking and looking for the goal.

Still, as if in an Alfred Hitchcock film, this attempt took, it took and it took… and only appeared at the 97th minute, from penalty converted by Pedro Porro and with a field player in the goal of the Madeirans. Nice script!

Big pressure from Sporting in the first part, to completely dominate in practically every moment of the game.

Lots of ball, shots, actions in the opposite area and enough opportunities to reach half-time ahead, thanks to very interesting offensive dynamics, with the front men in constant movements in search of empty spaces. However, the offensive effectiveness was in the changing rooms.

GoalPoint was right to risk a goal of Pablo Sarabia in the journey tips. only that it was on the pass that the Spaniard shone and managed to be the best on the field in the first half, common GoalPoint Rating from 6.4, already with two blatant occasions created and a break pass.

The game trend continued, naturally in the second half, although with less clear goals. But at 74 minutes, a big Pedro Porro’s shot hit the post with a bang right from the goal of Paulo Victor.

Marítimo gave up attacking and Sporting took advantage of the traditional “shower”, looking for the head of Paulinho, João Palhinha and Sebastián Coates. Until 93 minutes the referee pointed out a great penalty.and, for lack of Paulo Victor – until then the island hero – about Jovane Cabral.

The Brazilian keeper received the second yellow card and < strong>Edgar Costa had to take his place in goal, as an improvised keeper. Porro successfully converted, on the 25th shot, the seventh squared.

Best in the Field

A real extreme. Without the Maritime really bothering to attack, the spanish was able to put into practice the entire wealth of resources that you recognize him and it was the main unbalancer of the meeting, being his the goal, penalty – the second in two rounds to decide the match, already in added time.

Pedro Porro was the MVP of the match, common GoalPoint Rating from 7.2, with a record for four shots, one at the post, three passes for submission, 15 crossings, successfully in three, the maximum ball actions (109), but also from loss of possession (39). There were also seven dribbling attempts (two complete), five defensive actions in the opposite midfield and four tackles.


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