Sporting Arbitration Court upholds Sporting in the Palhinha case – ZAP


José Coelho / EPA

The Sports Arbitral Tribunal (TAD) gave Sporting a reason in the Palhinha case, considering that the Disciplinary Council (CD) of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) should not punish the player when the referee himself admitted that he had shown the yellow card improperly .

Remember that João Palhinha saw the fifth yellow in a game against Boavista, which prevented him from being on the pitch the next day, in the reception to Benfica. Sporting appealed to the FPF CD, which dismissed it as unfounded and maintained the punishment.

The lions then decided to appeal to the Arbitration Court for Sport, which now upheld the appeal filed against the Disciplinary Board.

In the judgment, to which the newspaper A Bola had access, the decision to “declare the present appeal as well as the alleged failure by the plaintiff of the disciplinary infraction foreseen and punished in article 164, paragraph 7, of the RDLPFP, due to the absence in the concrete sub judice situation of the typical objective factual assumption on which such a commitment depends, consequently annulling the disciplinary sanctioning decision under appeal, with absolution of the plaintiff of the infraction for which he was disciplinarily sanctioned with suspension of a game and a fine of 153 euros ”.

TAD took into account the testimony of referee Fábio Veríssimo on the bid in question, who admitted to having improperly shown the yellow card.

“Now, as is clear from the 22nd fact considered proven, according to the statement by Fábio Veríssimo himself, the referee of the sub judice game (see 14th fact considered proven), his display to the Plaintiff of the yellow card identified in number 2. º fact considered proved was not, according to the technical and disciplinary rules of the sport competition itself, a proper performance“, It can also be read in the judgment, quoted by the website Sapo Esporte.

“Due to my position at the time of the move, it led me to act disciplinarily because I considered that the Boavista player was free from opponents and prepared to shoot on goal when he was pushed by player No. 6 from Sporting. After viewing the images of the move (angle opposite to my position) I consider that it does not meet the criteria for a promising attack. Thus, the disciplinary action was not adequate ”, said the referee at the time.

The Arbitration Court for Sport also determined that the costs of the lawsuit should be borne by the Portuguese Football Federation.

The player continued to be an option for coach Rúben Amorim, since, in addition to the club having resorted to TAD, the player also filed a precautionary measure at the Central Administrative Court of the South. The Portuguese Football Federation also appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court of this decision.

On loan to Sporting de Braga last season, João Palhinha has been a regular option in the starting lineup for Sporting. The 25-year-old midfielder has a contract until July 2025 and is shielded by a 60 million euro termination clause.