Srikanth Wad .. He is the same teacher for rubies in clay


Prime Time Zone, Features: ‘Saina Nehwal’ is an icon in the sport of badminton. Apart from reaching the quarter-finals of the 2012 Olympics, she became the first Indian player to win the World Junior Badminton Championship. There is no doubt that her achievements on the badminton court have enthralled every Indian. The movie ‘Saina – An Incredible True Story’ is based on the life story of this legendary badminton star who inspired many Indian girls to choose badminton as their career. The film, starring Parineeti Chopra in the lead role, will be released on March 26.

However, as much as Parineeti worked hard to make a makeover as Saina, coach Srikanth Wad also worked hard to make her a perfect badminton player. Srikanth Wad, who once coached Saina Nehwal, has been providing talented badminton players to India. Uncovering the rubies in the mud that could not receive opportunities due to poverty .. stands as a real life hero. Story on his coaching journey ..

The Saina Nehwal trailer was released recently and received good applause. Everyone who casts their eyes upon it, wants a go. In fact acting in a biopic is very different compared to normal movies. Presenting a real life star on the reel is a bit difficult. Everyone has the opportunity to corner any small mistake. That’s why makers take special care of even the smallest things. It is important to be careful not to make fun of them anywhere in the lead role and imitate them. If you watch the Saina trailer, it looks like the makers are having a hard time on screen. That’s why everyone is falling for Parineeti Makeover. Her body language, the intensity she showed on the court, the way she held the rocket, the footwork .. As Eat Is Saina. However, Parineeti is known to be the main coach behind every move and role presentation, and he is the first Badminton World Federation (BWF) Certified Coach in India.

For 32 years ..

Srikanth quit his three-figure salary at the age of 32 and started his career as a professional badminton player. Srikanth, who had already entered badminton too late due to lack of mentors or teachers, not only settled down as a coach after that, but also coached talented children who could not afford the coaching fees for free. It was during this time that he started the Thane Badminton Academy. For the next three decades he worked hard to provide India with ace shuttlers and to keep Thane district on par with the rest of the country in terms of badminton rankings. Thousands of students who trained under him in this order became known as good badminton players. More than 1000 of them are students from poverty. To date, his students include 16 national champions and 42 international players (including Nehwal). Hundreds more played at the state level and eight received Shiva Chhatrapati Awards. To this extent Srikanth has become a real life hero who has changed their lives by giving free training to talented poor players.

In the 60s, Thane did not have the infrastructure or professional coaching centers to train badminton. However, Srikanth, who loves badminton, played matches at the district and state levels while doing his job. He completed his coaching course in Patiala and officially joined the Thane Badminton Association at the age of 32. He then resigned his job and devoted himself full time to uncovering local talents. To this end, the first batch of players he coached in 1992 were selected to play for India. Despite the lack of opportunities and resources, Srikanth has become a carafe for talented people. Most of the students in this order stayed at his house for months. National champion Akshay Dewalkar has been at his home for 10 years. Srikanth also let the Divyangs do it and made Merikalla in the game. Paralympics players Girish Sharma and Aarti Patil are also his students and are in the best position in the world rankings. Srikanth has received numerous awards for his dedication and tireless work, including the prestigious Dadaji Kondadev Award (Best Coach – 2003) and the Samaj Shakti Award (2011).

Nehwal attended a camp under my auspices before making his name in the world of badminton. I was shocked to see Saina playing a very focused game, like a hungry tiger. I will definitely watch all her matches. She is different than everyone else. As for the biopic, the film stars Nehwal’s husband Ishan Naqvi, who has changed from a shuttler to a coach. He is also my student. – Srikanth Wad, badminton coach