STJD guarantees Flamengo x Grêmio with audience at Maracanã – Prime Time Zone


Thus, even against the wishes of the CBF and most clubs, Rubro-Negro will have the support of its fans

NAYRA HALM/FOTOARENA/ESTADÃO CONTENTMaracanã Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, illuminated with Flamengo colors

President of Supreme Court of Sports Justice (STJD), Otávio Noronha guaranteed this Monday, 13, that he will not analyze the action to suspend the injunction that allows public in games of the Flamengo before the Guild, scheduled for the 15th and 19th of September, valid by Brazil’s Cup and by Brazilian championship, respectively. Thus, even against the wishes of the CBF and most clubs, Rubro-Negro will count on the support of its fans. In addition to the duels against Tricolor Gaucho, the City of Rio de Janeiro authorized the presence of fans in the clash with Barcelona de Guayaquil, on the 22nd of this month, for the semifinal of the Libertadores.

Last week, the clubs filed an injunction in the STJD to prohibit Flamengo from sending their matches with fans. In an interview with Young pan, the legal director of Grêmio, Nestor Hein, called the Flemish leaders “carrion” and said that the team from Rio Grande do Sul could refuse to enter the field. On Monday, the president of Grêmio, Romildo Bolzán Júnior, criticized the decision of the president of the court. “With the early judgment published by the president (of the STJD), it would be better to annul the collective instances of the clubs within the technical councils, as they are worth nothing. All very strange”, he said.