Sun Out / Not Out: Soft signal conflict on the screen


Prime Time Zone, Sports: ‘Okay ok .. Rock and roll .. Side angle please .. One more time .. Can you show it frame by frame… Only one .. Zoom it. Is that all you have. Okay .. I made my decision ‘.. These words have been circulating on social media since yesterday. Suryakumar Yadav was controversial in the 4th T20I against England. Sam Curran sweeps the ball and is caught by David Malan near the boundary.

However, the onfield umpire considered it a ‘soft signal out’ and referred it to the third umpire. Third umpire Virender Sharma examined several replays and various angles and declared him out. In the replay, the ball appears to be touching the ground, but the third umpire is out. This shocked the millions of fans sitting in front of the TVs along with Suryakumar on the ground. Although it seems that the ball has hit the ground .. The third umpire who has seen several replays over and over again has said that it is out and once again the ‘soft signal’ issue came to the fore.

What exactly is a soft signal?

With the rise of technology in cricket, TV replays for runouts, LBs, stumpings and DRS technology are being used. However, in the case of catches, the soft signal rule is used. Field umpires and players have the opportunity to contact the third umpire directly regarding the remaining outs. In the case of catches, however, it is not possible to contact them directly. The on-field umpire must first notify the TV umpire via a soft signal whether the fielder has been caught or not.

If the third umpire does not make a decision even after looking at the fielder’s catch from many angles, the soft signal given by the field umpire will be considered. That is, if the on-field umpire gives out, not out, but not out. That also raises questions as to why the TV umpire. However, there is also the possibility of the TV umpire rejecting the onfield umpire’s soft signal. If not .. there must be accurate video evidence for that. There is no clear evidence that David Malan hit the ball to the ground by Suryakumar in Thursday’s match. That is why the third umpire announced the soft signal out.

Is it a lie to appear in the replay again?

Hundreds of millions of TV viewers allege that David Malan hit the ground with the ball hit by Suryakumar. Leading commentator and cricket analyst Harsha Bhogle, however, says that is not true. 2D cameras are currently used in cricket. Even ordinary catches by these cameras seem to touch the ground. Harsha Bhogle said that it is impossible to accurately predict outings by replaying a 3D event taking place on a ground with 2D cameras. Harsha said 3D cameras would have to be used to give accuracy. But using 3D cameras is a very expensive affair. 3D cameras are currently being used for DRS technology by Hawk-Eye. For these alone 12 cameras work in a fixed position. And you can understand how much it costs to set up 3D cameras that move on the ground.

Should have ..?

Captain Virat Kohli has demanded that the ICC reconsider the ‘soft signal’ rule after Suryakumar’s dismissal. Former cricketers VVS Laxman and Sehwag were also angry over the third umpire’s decision. The third umpire looks at all the replays and questions what the field umpire’s decision is to consider. However, ICC Elite Panel umpire Simon Tuffal voted in favor of the ‘soft signal’. Even cameras with current technology cannot detect some of the catches. At such times it is best to pursue the on-field umpire decision. The soft signal is the decision given for the documentation. So it will be the same final, Taufel says. However Suryakumar’s controversial outing has now opened the door to a debate on the soft signal. We will have to wait and see how the ICC responds to this.

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Prime Time Zone Career Sun Out / Not Out: Soft signal conflict on the screen

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