Team India fight with England


Prime Time Zone, Sports: The touring England team is showing the dots for the host Indian team. England scored a huge score in the first innings. After that, they bowled brilliantly and put Team India in trouble. England bowlers demolished the top order. Pant and Pujara once again batted brilliantly and scored not only all out but at least today. Once again Washington Sundar stood out with his batting talent. Team India is pinning its hopes on Ravichandran Ashwin, who is currently at the crease along with Sundar.

England, who started batting on Sunday with an overnight score of 555/8, were all out for another 23 runs. Dominic Bess (34) was bowled by Jaspreet Bumra while Anderson (1) was bowled clean by Ashwin. Leach, who batted at the end, remained unbeaten on 14. Ravichandran Ashwin and Jaspreet Bumra took three wickets each while Ishant Sharma and Shahbaz Nadeem took two wickets each.

Team India’s top-order batsmen, who started the first innings, struggled with poor performance. Opener Rohit Sharma (6) joined the pavilion after being caught by keeper Butler in the archery bowling. Another opener Shubhman Gill and Chateshwar Pujara tried to build the innings together. Gill, however, played aggressively and tried to increase the score. 5 fours half stood. Gill (29) joined the pavilion for Anderson’s superb catch in the archery bowling at the expected time. Gill played in the ODI style .. England team was strong in strategy. Team India lost two openers by 44 runs. Chateshwar Pujara and Kohli ended the first session without taking another wicket. By then Team India score was 59/2

Team India captain Virat Kohli joined the pavilion shortly after the start of the second session. Dom Bess’s ball bounced back to Kohli’s bat, took the edge and fell into the hands of Oli Pope. Kohli completely failed to predict that ball. The next vice-captain, Ajinkya Rahane, was utterly disappointed. Rahane, who made just 1 run, was caught by Joe Root in the dom base bowling. At the other end, Chateshwar Pujara defended the wicket by batting in his natural style.

Rishabh Pant then stepped into the crease. Pant hit 3 runs with 3 runs .. After that Archer bowled two boundaries in a row .. He said before he was going to bat. He turned the Test match into a T20I by hitting sixes in spinners ‘bowling and boundaries in pacers’ bowling. At one end, Pujara was playing achituchi. At the other end, Pant was provoked by his natural style. Pujara was at 26 when Pant came into the crease. However, it is good that both of them are making half centuries in the same over. Pujara completed a half-century off the first ball of the 40th over off Jack Leach’s innings. Pujara hit a four off the 5th ball of the same over to complete his half-century. Pant made a half century off just 40 balls. Team India scored 154/4 at the tea break with the help of Pant and Pujara.

The crucial third session also started aggressively. While Pant was playing fast with boundaries and sixes on one side, Pujara also shifted gear and increased the pace of the run. Everyone thought the two would end the third session. However Dom Bess once again demonstrated his spin magic. Bess separated the pair, who added 119 for the fifth wicket. In the 51st over of the innings, Pujara (73) joined the pavilion after Burns was caught by Bess. Pant, who has been missing centuries in the nineties for the last while .. made the same mistake this time too.

Pant (91) was caught by Jack Leach in base bowling while playing aggressively. Pant scored 91 off just 88 balls. After that, Washington Sundar and Ravichandran Ashwin stood at the crease without taking another wicket. Washington Sundar (33) once again showed his batting talent. He was accompanied by Ravichandran Ashwin (8). Ashwin, who played 54 balls, made just 8 runs but effectively faced the England bowlers. The duo finished the day at 257/6 without taking another wicket on the third day. Dom Bess 4, Jofra Archer 2 wickets. India need another 121 runs to escape the follow-on. However, having only four wickets in hand .. It must be said that it is a bit difficult to make all the runs as everyone is Thailanders. Currently, the entire burden is on Sundar and Ashwin.

England first innings

Rory Burns (c) Pant (b) Ashwin 33, Dominic Sibley (LBW) (b) Bumra 87, Daniel Lawrence (LBW) (b) Bumra 0, Joe Root (LBW) (b) Nadeem 218, Ben Stokes (c) Pujara (b) Nadeem 82, Oli Pope (LBW) (b) Ashwin 34, Jas Butler (b) Ishant 30, Dominic Bess (LBW) (b) Bumra 34, Jofra Archer (b) Ishant 0, Jack Leach 6 14 not out , James Anderson (b) Ashwin 1; Extras 45; Overall (190.1 overs) 578 all out

Fall of wickets: 63-1, 63-2, 263-3, 387-4, 473-5, 477-6, 525-7, 525-8, 9-567, 10-578

Bowling: Ishant Sharma (27-7-52-2), Bumrah (36-7-84-3), Ashwin (55.1-5-146-3), Nadeem (44-4-167-2), Washington Sundar ( 26-2-98-0), Rohit Sharma (2-0-7-0)

India first innings

Rohit Sharma (c) Jas Butler (b) Jofra Archer 6, Shubhman Gill (c) James Anderson (b) Jofra Archer 29, Chateshwar Pujara (c) Rory Burns (b) Dom Bess 73, Virat Kohli (c) Oli Pope ( B) Dom Base 11, Ajinkya Rahane (c) Joe Root (b) Dom Base 1, Rishabh Pant (c) Jack Leach (b) Dom Base 91, Washington Sunder 33, Ravichandran Ashwin 8; Extras 5; Overall (74 overs) 257/6

Fall of wickets: 1-19, 2-44, 3-71, 4-79, 5-192, 6-225

Bowling James Anderson (11-3-34-0), Joffra Archer (16-3-52-2), Ben Stokes (6-1-16-0), Jack Leach (17-2-94-0), Dom Bess (23-5-55-4), Joe Root (1-0-1-0)