Telangana woman swimming in the Straits of Pak


Prime Time Zone, Sports: Goli Shyamala (47) from Hyderabad set the record for the Pak Strait between India and Sri Lanka. She became the second woman to swim the 30-kilometer stretch of water and the 13th person to do so. She swam in unison from Thalaimannar in Sri Lanka to Dhanushkoti in Tamil Nadu. She said Shyamala had chosen this path to foster friendship between the people of India and Sri Lanka. Participated in the FINA World Masters Championships in Guangzhou, South Korea last year. In November last year, he swam 30 km in 110 minutes in the Ganges near Patna. Trained to swim the Pak Strait under the supervision of AYUSH Yadav at the Shots Swimming Pool in Gatchibauli.

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Prime Time Zone Career Telangana woman swimming in the Straits of Pak

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