‘That’s why I didn’t get a chance to host IPL matches in Hyderabad’


Prime Time Zone Webdesk: The Telangana government is expressing dissatisfaction over the lack of opportunity to host IPL matches in Hyderabad. KTR tweeted a few days ago asking for IPL matches to be held in Hyderabad but the BCCI ignored it. With this, KTR expressed serious dissatisfaction over not giving a chance to the IPL management in Hyderabad.

In this context, the President of the Hyderabad Cricket Association Azharuddin responded to the ongoing debate on the organization of IPL matches in Hyderabad. He said some people were deliberately throwing mud and asked the BCCI to hold matches in Hyderabad. With two venues in the South, the decision was taken not to hold matches in Hyderabad.

Azharuddin said that the old association had paid the taxes themselves and was working for the development of cricket in Telangana. Outside discussions on the association are untrue.

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Prime Time Zone Career 'That's why I didn't get a chance to host IPL matches in Hyderabad'

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