Thiago Asmar reveals a conversation with Marcos Braz about Flamengo’s interest in Dani Alves; check it out – Young Pan


The reporter from Grupo Prime Time Zone got in touch with the Flemish leader to find out about a possible negotiation with the veteran, who went on a collision course with São Paulo

Photo montage/Reproduction/Youth Pan/Pedro H. Tesch/Estadão Content/FlaTVThiago Asmar revealed a conversation with Marcos Braz, vice of Flamengo, about Daniel Alves

the reporter Thiago Asmar, do Pan Youth Group, revealed that he talked to Marcos Braz, vice-president of Flamengo, about a possible interest of the Rio de Janeiro club in counting on Daniel Alves. The right-back, who entered a collision course with the board of directors of São Paulo for a debt of BRL 18 million, will no longer wear the Tricolor colors, according to the São Paulo board. In addition, the veteran took the field in just six games in this Brazilian championship, being able to transfer to another Serie A team later this season.

Participating in the program “Fluted”, Thiago Asmar asked about an Instagram post by Marcos Braz. In it, the Flemish leader posted an image of a juazeiro tree – the Bahian Daniel Alves is born in the city of the same name. When questioned, the Rubro-Negro vice-president denied interest in the São Paulo athlete, but gave a similar answer to the one given about David Luiz before the club announced the defender. Watch the video below and understand more.