Thiago Silva defends Neymar and says the striker knows he can earn more – Prime Time Zone


Reproduction/ Twitter CBFThiago Silva spoke about his own trajectory in an interview

In a press conference held this Tuesday, 12, in Manaus, the defender Thiago Silva defended Neymar of the criticism that the striker has been receiving from the press, he said that the charges are exaggerated and said that the shirt 10, aware that he can earn more, has been demanding to present better football. Leader in the South American qualifiers, the Brazil face the Uruguay this Thursday, 14, at Arena Amazônia. “Of course he demands a lot. We also know that we have to do better, play better, have a better rapport. He knows he didn’t play a game of Neymar, he has this self-criticism. But the charge is not according to what you do on the field, but outside it. There is a very strong demand for things that have nothing to do with it”, said the defender. Thiago Silva had already used social media to support the striker who, in the game against Colombia, overtook Skin e Djalma Santos in the number of times he has defended the Brazilian team.

However, the hit mark, which places the attacker among the five players who most entered the field with the hopscotch, was overshadowed by the presentation erased in the tie. Also in the interview, Thiago used his own trajectory to defend his partner. The defender is the most experienced of the team Tite, 37, remembered when he was under pressure to win the 2014 World Cup. “I went through similar moments, especially after the 2014 Cup. I was called a crybaby, a weak psychological person. Things that hurt you and you know it’s not,” said the defender. “I hope he doesn’t miss this joy. He (Neymar) is a super special kid. When he is happy doing what he likes, he always gets the job done and does what he always did. It’s better for our team”, said Thiago, who was Neymar’s colleague at PSG.

Stumbles in the qualifiers make the team stronger

Thiago admits that Brazil is not showing the football that the fans expect. Even so, the defender defended Tite and the team for being getting the necessary results. “We have been criticized for the way we play. The moment is not the best, despite the positive results”, said the veteran, who added: “I am happy because we are in the right direction. We don’t have to think about the past, but try to solve what we can solve”, he said. Thiago also valued Tite’s work. “He is having a very big task of choosing the 23 [jogadores]. So much so that he has already made more than a hundred or so calls for new players. You have the range of options, but you have to choose 23. Although we didn’t play super well, we are on the way to winning. Stumbles give us strength. It makes us create a stronger shell. We are going through these stages and we are going to arrive firm and strong in Qatar”.