Tim Paine Apologises Ashwin: It would be wrong to say so .. Kangaroo captain who will not do such things in the future – Tim Paine Apologises Ashwin:


The Aussie cricket captain does not say that it is wrong for him to engage in sledging. Ravichandran regrets making racist remarks while batting Kangaroo captain ‘Pine’

Tim Paine Apologizes Ashwin: The Aussie cricket captain does not say that he is guilty of sledging. Kangaroo captain Pine regretted making racist remarks while Ravichandran was batting. Speaking to Fine Media after the end of the third Test, he said that he would not do such things in the future.

The Aussies, who were on the verge of victory as India batted in the final innings of the third Test, made a cosmic effort to separate the pair of Vihari and Ashwin. However the Kangaroos bowled short before the pair’s heroic fight. Dinto angrily forgot that cricket now has a stump mic and tried to provoke Ashwin with his mischief. Ashwin is not ready to face the ball in Lyon bowling .. when he walks away from the crease and comes back .. ”Ash was anxious to take you to Gabba, the venue for the last Test .. Do you understand what he said .. Pine worked his mouth. In reply, Ashwin replied, “We are also in a hurry to extradite you to India. This will be your last series.” On the one hand, Ashwin, who had an extraordinary fight with his teammate Vihari and escaped the match, on the other hand, said the appropriate answer in such a way that if you speak in a way that hurts, you will be handed over word for word. However, Pine, who dropped three catches in the last day of the game, has been widely criticized for sledging like this.

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