To JP, creator of Reffis promises modernization and opens the game: ‘São Paulo stopped in time’ – Prime Time Zone


Asked about the high number of injuries of the team coached by Hernán Crespo, the professional listed some planning problems for the club

Reproduction/Young PanTuríbio Leite is back in São Paulo after 11 years

O São Paulo is modernizing its infrastructure. For this, the Tricolor is counting on an important and old known name. Its about Turíbio Leite de Barros, Master and Doctor in Exercise Physiology from EPM and who worked at Tricolor for 25 years, being one of those responsible for creating Reffis, the club’s athlete rehabilitation center. In an interview with the program “JP Selection”, from Pan Youth Group, the professional opened the game and said that the São Paulo association “stopped in time”. “I was at the CT in Barra Funda last week and, in reality, it’s the same way I left it, only 11 years older. In the same way, unfortunately”, said the specialist, who left São Paulo in 2010. “The club, despite having that background of being a center of reference, has not evolved. Those who had the decision-making power at the time, considered that the structure was better than that of the opponents and did not need to modernize, reformulate. We know it’s not like that. Now, we stop in time. This was confirmed even by the directors who are there”, he added.

To Prime Time Zone, Turíbio gave examples of how São Paulo will work to make up for lost time. “I spent the last four years in the US and had the opportunity to visit big clubs in American football, basketball, among other sports. There are several pieces of equipment that we should already have. One example is a laser, which has enormous power in athletes’ recovery. It has five times the power we have today. This is an example. So we can’t settle for an athlete recovering from a muscle injury in 40 days. This is what is happening in São Paulo today. We are working to reframe this. In addition to this device, there are others coming through a partnership we made. I believe that, by the beginning of next year, São Paulo will have the best recovery center for athletes in Brazil. This week, a hyperbaric camera should be installed in São Paulo, which some clubs already have, such as Flamengo and Corinthians. We got it through a donation. In addition to this, we got another five devices, which will be delivered this month”, he commented.

Asked about the high number of injuries on the team coached by Hernán Crespo, the professional listed some planning problems for the club. “There are several factors for this high number of injuries. The outdated structure is undoubtedly one of the factors. If we were up to date, some of these injuries could be avoided. Still, there were several factors, like the pandemic, which took away the pre-season. There was, certainly, a very big investment in the São Paulo Championship. In addition, there was a radical change in the technical committee. The group that arrived is basically composed of Argentines, who had no experience to adapt to Brazilian football and the characteristics of Brazilian players. So, the training program was changed in a brusque way. All of this contributed to a greater incidence of injuries”, declared the professional, who returns to the club with six more professionals, including three doctors, a physiotherapist, a nutrition professional and a biomechanics professional.