V. Guimarães hires two youngsters from FC Porto for 15 million. Rui Pinto asks for investigation


(dr) Vitória SC

Francisco Ribeiro, player signed from FC Porto.

The amounts involved in the transfers of Rafael Pereira and Francisco Ribeiro from FC Porto to Vitória SC have generated controversy. Rui Pinto asks for an investigation.

Rafael Pereira e Francisco Ribeiro are reinforcements of Vitória de Guimarães coming from FC Porto, by 4 million and 11 million euros respectively. The disclosure of the amounts involved in the deals carried out in the last transfer market took everyone and everything by surprise.

‘Rafa’ Pereira, as he is known, is a 20-year-old midfielder and signed a contract valid until 2024. This season he has already participated in two games for Vitória SC in Liga 3.

Francisco Ribeiro, only 18 years old, also signed a contract valid until 2024. The midfielder joined the under-23 team of Guimarães.

The business values ​​were revealed by the newspaper Record, which had access to the Report and Accounts 2020/21 of the Victorian SAD.

In the opposite direction, two young people from Minho moved to FC Porto in the last transfer market: Romain Correia, 22-year-old center, and João Mendes, 21-year-old left-back. The amounts involved are still unknown, but they could be similar.

“To be confirmed, these negotiations between Vitória SC and FC Porto will have to be properly investigated. And they add to other dubious transactions that took place in previous years, including undeclared intermediation to the FPF, in which agents very close to FC Porto intervened”, he wrote Rui Pinto no Twitter.

Invited to talk about the business, Paulo Reis Mourão, a professor at the Department of Economics at the University of Minho, argued that there does not seem to be any irregularities.

“It suggests that there is an exchange in the way of ‘take there, give here’, in which there are no financial gains or losses, either on the one hand or on the other. It also shows that there is a strategic relationship between the companies. I believe that these businesses can be interpreted as such”, explained the university professor.

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