Volleyball Federation confirms selections that will compete in the 2022 World Cups; check it out – Young Pan


The men’s tournament will be played in Russia while the women’s competition will take place in the Netherlands and Poland; Brazil is classified for both competitions

Reproduction/CBVBrazil will compete in both competitions

A International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) confirmed the selections that will compete in the World Championships 2022. The places were defined after the end of continental competitions. The men’s tournament will be played in Moscow, at Russia, between the 26th of August and the 11th of September. The women’s competition will be held between September 23 and October 15 and will have two venues: Holland e Poland. With the achievements of the South American championships, the Brazil guaranteed the classification to compete in the tournaments. In the women’s tournament, Cuba will be the only world champion left out of the competition. Colombia, in turn, will debut in the world. In the men’s team, the rookie team will be Qatar, which secured a place due to its position in the ranking. See the classified teams:

Men’s World Championships

  • Host Country: Russia
  • 2018 World Champion: Poland
  • South America: Brazil and Argentina
  • Europe: Italy and Slovenia
  • Africa: Tunisia and Cameroon
  • Asia: Iran and Japan
  • Norceca (Central and North America): Puerto Rico and Canada
  • World rankings: France (4th), USA (7th), Serbia (8th), Cuba (13th), Netherlands (15th), Germany (16th), Mexico (17th), Turkey (18th) , Egypt (19th), Qatar (20th), Bulgaria (21st) and China (22nd)

Men’s World Championships

  • Host country: Netherlands and Poland
  • 2018 World Champion: Serbia
  • South America: Brazil and Colombia
  • Europe: Italy and Turkey
  • Africa: Cameroon and Kenya
  • Asia: China and Japan
  • Norceca (Central and North America): Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic
  • World rankings: USA (1st), Russia (8th), Germany (11th), Belgium (13th), South Korea (14th), Bulgaria (15th), Canada (18th), Thailand (19 °), Argentina (21st), Czech Republic (22nd) and Kazakhstan (23rd).