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Portuguese participation in Tokyo starts this Saturday. There will be 91 athletes spread across 17 sports. Associated Press made predictions for all specialties present in the Olympic Games.

Portugal had 17 athletes at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, this Friday. A small sample of the Portuguese entourage that is in Japan: a total of 91 athletes. There were 92 but, shortly before the beginning of the opening ceremony, it was learned that Frederico Morais was infected by the new coronavirus and will not be making his surfing debut at the event.

The alphabetical order begins, curiously, with the two modalities with the most Portuguese athletes: handball and athletics together represent more than a third (35) of the total Portuguese team.

The handball team, new to the Olympic Games, has 15 players: Humberto Gomes, Gustavo Capdeville, Diogo Branquinho, António Areia, Pedro Portela, Alexandre Cavalcanti, André Gomes, Fábio Magalhães, João Ferraz, Miguel Martins, Rui Silva, Alexis Borges , Daymaro Salina, Luís Frade and Victor Iturriza.

In athletics we find 20 Portuguese: João Vieira, Pedro Pichardo, Nelson Évora, Tiago Pereira, Francisco Belo, Carlos Nascimento, Ricardo dos Santos, Carla Salomé Rocha, Sara Catarina Ribeiro, Sara Moreira, Evelise Veiga, Patricia Mamona, Liliana Cá, Irina Rodrigues , Auriol Dongmo, Ana Cabecinha, Cátia Azevedo, Lorene Bazolo, Marta Pen and Salomé Afonso.

A canoeing it is also once again an important sport, with eight elements: Fernando Pimenta, Emanuel Silva, João Ribeiro, Messias Baptista, David Varela, Antoine Launay, Teresa Portela and Joana Vasconcelos.

there will be four cyclists Portuguese in Tokyo: João Almeida and Nelson Oliveira, Maria Martins and Raquel Queirós. At horsemanship we will meet Maria Caetano, Rodrigo Torres, João Miguel Torrão and Luciana Diniz. You gymnasts will be Diogo Abreu and Filipa Martins.

O judo, like canoeing, has a good representation, also with eight Portuguese: Jorge Fonseca, Anri Egutidze, Catarina Costa, Joana Ramos, Telma Monteiro, Bárbara Timo, Patrícia Sampaio and Rochele Nunes.

A swimming it barely surpasses judo and canoeing. There will be nine representatives from Portugal in the water: Gabriel Lopes, Alexis Santos, José Paulo Lopes, Francisco Santos, Tamila Holub, Diana Durães, Ana Catarina Monteiro, Tiago Campos and Angélica André.

O remo will have two Portuguese athletes: Pedro Fraga and Afonso Costa. At the surf there will be two newcomers: Teresa Bonvalot and Yolanda Sequeira. Rui Bragança will be the only Portuguese in the taekwondo.

No tennis will play Pedro Sousa and João Sousa. The team in the table tennis will be composed of five athletes: Fu Yu, Shao Jieni, Marcos Freitas, Tiago Apolónia and João Monteiro.

No threw will be João Paulo Azevedo. In triathlon we will see a trio: João Silva, João Pereira and Melanie Santos. In another new modality, the skate, Portugal will be represented by Gustavo Ribeiro.

Five Portuguese will participate in the tests of sail: Jorge Lima, José Costa, Diogo Costa, Pedro Costa and Carolina João.

Medal prediction

The Associated Press agency has published a forecast for this year’s Olympic Games: the winners of all medals from all specialties that will be played in Japan.

According to the news agency, Portugal will win four medals. Three of them will be bronze: Pedro Pichardo (triple jump) and João Vieira (50 kilometers march) in athletics and Fernando Pimenta in canoeing (K1 1,000m). Interestingly, the prediction in the triple jump points the gold to Will Claye, although the best mark of the year belongs to Pichardo.

The same forecast indicates that Portugal will leave Japan with a gold medal. And, for the first time, it will not be conquered in a field of athletics: Jorge Fonseca will combine the world title with the Olympic title in judo (+100kg).

There is also the record for handball. Portugal is publicly a candidate for medals but the Associated Press is betting on Denmark to win the men’s tournament, while Spain and France will complete the podium.

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