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Jonathan Kobrin describes the chaotic moments he went through at the door of Wembley Stadium. It had a valid ticket but, in the midst of the confusion, it was placed outside the enclosure.

July 11, 2021 would be magical for Jonathan Kobrin. The 17-year-old student was surprised by his parents, who gave him a ticket to the end of European 2020, between Italy and England. But the dream day turned into a nightmarish day, at the door of the Wembley Stadium.

Amidst the confusion and scenes of violence that marked the hours before the final, hundreds of people wanted to enter the stadium without a ticket, but Jonathan, who had a valid ticket, could not enter.

The young man arrived at the stadium area three hours before the start of the match. It was with your father and a friend. At the beginning, the atmosphere was “pretty pleasant”, with everyone singing, he told The Times.

After the doors opened, many hundreds of people began to line up to enter. There were some cops around, but no problem so far. However, when passing through the tourniquet access at the stands, where the ticket is validated, the problems began.

“There was no one behind me, but as soon as I passed the ticket and it turned green, I went pushed by a hooded man, and the tourniquet carried me forward with it. As soon as I appeared on the other side, the security guards grabbed me by the arms, they put me in a room on the other side and I was expelled”, said the young man.

“I thought I was going to be arrested – and I was just trying to get into Wembley with a valid ticket. The other man ran away soon. My friend, who was already inside, was waiting for me and the security guards grabbed him and threatened to expel himcontinued the supporter of Hampstead in North London.

Jonathan even pleaded with security officials to let him in but he did not. The game started, he heard the screams of his compatriots abroad when it was the goal of Luke Shaw (after the second minute).

Afterwards, he was able to confirm that his ticket was valid, but when he arrived at the access gates to the stands, he was informed that he could no longer enter. The access had been closed because of hooligans who tried to break in.

At 8:30 pm, half an hour after the start of the final, the young man withdrew, he came away and waited for someone to pick him up, to go home. “It was very upsetting, very sad,” lamented Jonathan, who is hoping someone will return the money he paid for the ticket.

The clashes hit the father of Harry Maguire, defense of the English team, which was suspected of broken ribs.

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