A robot hand that plays Super Mario Bros on Nintendo? Yes there is


A team of researchers from the University of Maryland, USA, 3D printed parts to create a robotic hand capable of playing Super Mario Bros na Nintendo.

The robotic hand is fully assembled with fluidic circuits integrated into a single piece and is capable of playing Super Mario Bros na Nintendo.

This type of circuit allows the hand to operate in response to the force exerted in a single control. As a result, low pressure makes the game character walk, while high pressure makes him jump.

In the tests, the robotic hand was guided by a program that autonomously alternated between “off”, “low”, “medium” and “high pressure”. The device was able to press the buttons to successfully complete the first level of the Super Mario Bros in less than 90 seconds.

“Previously, each finger on a soft robotic hand required its own line of control, which can limit portability and usefulness,” explains co-author Joshua Hubbard, quoted by EurekAlert.

“By printing the smooth robotic hand with our integrated fluid transistors, the device is capable of playing Nintendo based in a single pressure inlet“he added.

Choosing the first level of the Super Mario Bros was motivated as much by Science (since a single mistake can end the game) and by fun.

The innovation, whose scientific article was published on July 14 in Science Advances, can give rise to new types of flexible robots or inflatables powered by water or air, at the expense of electricity, for example.

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