An alternative to whatsapp, Telegram also registers instability; know how to download – Young Pan


The application’s Brazilian Twitter account even made fun of rivals’ problems

Reproduction / TelegramTelegram is considered the main alternative to WhatsApp

As a stop in operation do Whatsapp which occurs this Monday, 4, the Telegram it was much talked about again (in the Twitter, as Facebook e Instagram also fell). The Russian instant messaging app’s name has entered Twitter’s hottest topics, with users citing it as an alternative. The Brazilian profile of Telegram even made fun of the situation. “Administrator arrived from lunch to follow the memes, this time I won’t post (imagine what a lot of work to post every time)”, he said. However, the app also registered some instabilities.

The DownDetector website, which monitors which apps are down and the number of complaints about them, points out that by 3:07 pm on Monday, 1,097 complaints had been made, while by noon there were no records on the 24h previous. At 3:37 pm, 425 complaints were still active, and at 3:52 pm, 265 remained. On Twitter, users cited problems like slowness and unsent messages and, of course, made memes. THE Young pan tried to contact Telegram to understand the reason for the instability, if it was due to server problems or a possible excess of new users, but got no response.

To create an account and use Telegram, the path is similar for mobile phones with Android and IOS operating system: The first step is to download the application from the Play Store (Android) or from the App Store (IOS). Next you need to create an account. For this, the user must authorize the Telegram to access their contacts. Afterwards, Telegram will send a confirmation code via SMS. This code has to be entered into the app. After this step, the user already has the account ready to use. In the “Settings” menu you can edit the username and profile picture.