Apple shows details of new iPhone 13; see prices in Brazil – Prime Time Zone


Phones will be sold in four different models and will have 128GB initial storage; visual changes were few compared to the previous version

Apple/DisclosureiPhone 13 had details released by Apple on Tuesday

A Apple announced in a virtual event this Tuesday, 14, the new line of cell phones to be made available by the brand on the market: the iPhone 13. The phone will come in four different models: iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, with storage ranging from 128GB to 1 Terabyte. The phones look similar to the iPhone 12 model, but have some apparent changes in camera organization and screen size from the mini version, which is slightly larger than the iPhone 12 mini. Internally, however, Apple said that the brightness of the displays has greater power than the previous ones and the processor was also changed to one more agile than that of competitors. Although the battery does not undergo any change from one model to another, Apple said that the new cell phone processor will allow them to have a longer lifespan than the previous model, which may vary between 1h30 and 2:30h more usage depending on the type.

The brand stated that the cameras also had an improvement and compared the image generated by the new models with the autofocus of professional cameras. Contrary to what some suspected and joked on the networks, phones have space for charger entry and, in the US, the devices start to be marketed next week with a suggested initial value of US$ 329 (equivalent to R$ 1,700 ). In Brazil, the cheapest phone is the iPhone 13 mini with 128 GB of storage, which will cost R$ 6,599. The 256 GB will cost R$7,599 and the 512 GB will cost R$9,599. The 128 GB Iphone 13 will cost R$ 7,599; of 256 GB, R$ 8,599 and of 512 GB, 10,599. The 13 Pro model will be worth R$ 9,499 in the version with less storage (128 GB); R$10,499 in the 256 GB version; R$12,499 in the 512GB version and R$14,499 in the 1TB version. The brand’s most expensive model will be the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which will cost R$ 10,499 in the 128 GB version; R$ 11,499 for the 256 GB, R$ 13,499 for the 512 GB and R$ 15,499 for the 1 TB. There is still no forecast for the models to arrive in the country.