Digital House and Rocketseat announce merger, with an eye on forming more devs


In a heated market and with a large demand for IT and programming professionals, two large companies in the sector announce that they will unite to fight for the professional training.

Argentine edtech Digital House and Santa Catarina Rocketseat announce this Wednesday, 13, a merger that aims to accelerate the strategy of companies to expand in the market for training professionals in the technology sector, which should see a demand of 6.3 million developers by 2025, according to a study by Microsoft.

Digital House specializes in training professionals in programming schools, the so-called bootcamps. The company captured 280 million reais in March, in an investment made by Free market and Globant and by the investment funds Riverwood Capital and Kaszek (which was already investing in the business). Rocketseat, on the other hand, is an integrated platform, with teaching through learning programs and interaction with the professional community.