Do men use laptops and mobiles like this … but doctors warn against the threat – Scientists Reveal the 2 Places Where It’s Not a Good Idea to Keep Your Phone and also lap top


When you think that nature has got its hands on the human intellect .. again nature challenges man .. the man who says that chlorophyll is the green of the leaves .. and who is that chlorophyll …

Lap-Top and Cell Phone: When nature thinks it has got its hands on human intelligence .. Again nature throws a challenge to man .. The man who says chlorophyll is the greenest of the leaves .. And the one who chews the water to tell who filled that chlorophyll with greenery .. The human body is constantly burning Evidence to say that .. the air we leave .. the tears that flow .. the heat of the urine is hot .. and the other parts of us are not so troubled by the burning inside .. I can not answer why .. Yes, the human body is a picture. It is possible to say that a particular organ does this work but .. it is not possible to say why it is constructed .. One of such organs is the testicles present in men .. These are located inside the body .. While these testicles are related to infertility .. Going into details on how

Our body temperature is usually 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. But the testicles need to be 2 degrees lower than that. If the temperature is so low, the semen will be formed .. The movement of the sperm cells will be correct .. If the heat touches the testicles too much .. The semen will be destroyed .. The sperm will not be present in the semen .. However, if the heat touches the men will not give birth .. Men with high heat .. Scientists say that the main reason for infertility in working men is infertility. Recently, men say that there is another reason for infertility. Men who use laptops and mobiles more are less likely to have children. Radiation from laptops and mobiles , Semen is lost due to heat .. That is why doctors advise men not to keep mobiles in their pockets .. And many men who work with laptops on their laps .. say that they should work on any desk .. Laptops are mostly used to destroy semen in men who work on their laps. Ai .. sperm movement is low .. children will miss the opportunity to be born .. so men lap Doctors warn that proper precautions need to be taken when using mobiles and mobiles.

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