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Document scanning reduces up to 40% of time spent per user


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Until a few years ago, the Pan American School of Bahia – a non-profit institution formed by a parent association that offers international education for children of other nationalities and Brazilians aged 2 to 18 – took 30 to 45 days to complete the entire flow approval of their students’ annual contracts. With the digitalization of documents, the process became much simpler and started to be carried out in up to a week.

In order to offer convenience and, at the same time, safety to parents, the school hired even before covid-19 the Adobe Sign, an Adobe document flow manager. But it was during the pandemic that the tool proved even more fundamental, since many of the parents who had returned to their countries of origin were able to guarantee their children’s enrollment at a distance.

At the telephone company Telefônica, Adobe Sign also helped to reduce the time spent on the flow of customer contracts. The process, which previously took three weeks, now took only a day or two. And there are many more companies discovering the benefits of getting rid of the back and forth process of contracts, documents or physical requisitions.

Adobe Sign: reduced time – and cost

The Total Economic ImpactTM study, commissioned by Adobe and conducted by Forrester Consulting with financial services companies in several countries, found that the service provides a 96% reduction in document cycle time: from an average of seven days to just 2 hours .

That, not to mention the costs. According to the survey, there is a savings of $ 6 per transaction – or $ 600,000 per year in the third year of implementation of the tool. The survey also highlights the reduction in paper costs: $ 540,000 per year.

“Adobe Sign offers a 420% return on investment and savings of 6.8 million in benefits over three years”, points out Eduardo Jordão, Adobe product specialist for Latin America.

It is also worth adding to the account the increase in employee productivity – an average of 40%, or 125 hours saved per user – and customer satisfaction, 37% higher, as pointed out by the interviewees. At the Bahian school, for example, parents’ contentment was materialized in several e-mails thanking and praising the ease of service at such a difficult time for families.

Although it has existed since 2001, the tool gained space for both companies and individuals in the pandemic – last year, Adobe Sign’s client portfolio in Brazil has practically doubled.

“The question we hear most from customers is whether the documents are legally valid, but they have been accepted for two decades,” says Jordão. “In addition to the reliability of the electronic signature and the integrity of the document, the service guarantees the identity of the subscribers and something else: the intention to sign.”

Subscription service

The service is available to anyone who has an email and access to the internet, even by cell phone. What facilitates its adoption is precisely the fact that it is charged according to the number of transactions to be carried out. That way, it becomes affordable.

“If the software license was previously sold, which is much more expensive, today we offer a subscription to the service”, explains the executive. With the tool, it is possible to scan files of up to 500 pages and have up to 25 people working simultaneously on the same file.

Securely signed documents

It also counts on the security involved in the whole process: there is no loss of documents, information leakage and risks in audits. It also eliminates the need for space to store physical documents and makes it easier to find a file to meet the legal deadline for a process, for example.

In the Forrester Consulting study, respondents considered document digitization processes to be essential for business management. According to 72% of them, electronic signatures are essential to make them more agile.

“Document scanning processes are more than operational tools. They also improve the customer and employee experience ”, adds the executive. “They also allow for the search for opportunities and new customers, especially during the pandemic.”

Cloud storage

Jordão also says that in Adobe Sign the documents are saved in duplicate on servers of the giants Azure, Microsoft and AWS, from Amazon. This guarantees the continuity of the process, even if one of them suffers from a technical problem. Another advantage is that the platform is global; that is, it offers the same service regardless of the country where it operates or the language used by the customer. An advantage for multinationals that need to control contracts on different continents.

The centralization of documents in the tool provides other benefits to companies: it updates the data analysis platforms and generates added value to the business. In the survey, 77% of respondents from financial services companies seek to take advantage of the associated data analysis capabilities to further improve business intelligence organizations and generate insights for businesses and customers.

“It is possible to analyze information that can help, for example, in the launch of a product. The company does not start from scratch. But, of course, always respecting customer data protection laws ”, says Jordão.

Here in Brazil, Adobe Sign already represents an increasingly relevant revenue from the company’s Document Cloud business, which earned US $ 1.5 billion in the world in 2020. The company has clients ranging from family businesses to large public groups and private companies, such as Senai, construction companies, banks, schools and businesses that use contracts.

And investments should not recede. The survey conducted with financial services companies pointed out that, on average, they will have a 59% increase in investments with the document digitization process this year.

“The global business possibilities in the area expected for 2021 are more than $ 300 billion,” estimates the Adobe product specialist for Latin America. “Even in Brazil, where the paper culture is still strong, people will not give up the advances achieved with the digital flow of documents that came with the pandemic.”

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