Facebook behind the scenes after ex-employee reports


The lines are drawn inside the Facebook. On the one hand, former official Frances Haugen, who testified to the US Congress last week after claim that the company prioritized profit over the public.

On the other side, the CEO Mark Zuckerberg, which tries to convince employees and the public that Haugen’s claims, which were supported by internal documents from the company itself, are “very easy to debunk”.

Who would be right? Inside Facebook, employees are divided while Facebook executives have been trying to allay concerns about the complaint internally. In all, the company has 63,000 employees.

According to a report from New York Times, employees have been called to meetings and briefings and receive memos with information on how they can, for example, respond to friends and family about “recent events”.

One of the recommendations would be to deny that Facebook puts company profits and growth above users’ safety. The letter also contains information about how the company asked for government regulations.

The meetings are led by vice presidents from some areas of Facebook, who are showing how different parts of the company operate. Topics such as polarization and algorithm changes of the News Feed have been covered.