France fines Google 593 million euros for violating press agreement


This Tuesday, the 13th, the Google was fined in 593 million euros by the Competition Authority french for not negotiating “in good faith” with news sites to broadcast news in search results.

The fine comes after an order from French authorities, made in April 2020, was ignored by Google.

In it, regulators ruled that the company would need to negotiate licensing agreements with publishers to feature stories in search results.

While Google argues that it is promoting the content of the sites, companies in the field accuse the giant is responsible for the drop in advertising revenue.

Until April, Sundar Pichai’s company had already made agreements with The world it’s at Le Figaro, French news editors, while others have not followed suit. Google said it is “about to finalize” a global deal with the French AFP.

“We acted in good faith throughout the entire process,” Google said in a statement. “The fine ignores our efforts to reach an agreement and the reality of how news works on our platforms.”