Google’s ‘Whatsapp’ wants to debunk Apple


the search giant Google wants people to stop using iMessage to exchange messages and start using the solution they developed more. The action has as its main target the USA, given that 46.9% of the population has iPhones and uses Apple’s messaging service to communicate. And what is the argument that Google uses against Apple? Safety.

Simply put, who has iPhone can send messages that go beyond text — like photos, videos, memes — using iMessage. However, when it comes to exchanging messages from Android to iPhone, this is not possible, as messages are automatically converted to SMS.

In addition to being a fairly old standard, SMS is also less secure. Hence the Google provocation: the search giant managed to make the exchange of messages between Android phones and iPhones to be done securely, using encryption for the RCS standard (the “prettier cousin” of SMS, which allows send photos and videos by message).

For Google, if Apple can get its users to exchange messages in a format similar to RCS with each other, why not actually use RCS and extend safer communication to exchanges between iPhones and Android phones?

The explanation is quite obvious: because Apple could lose some competitive advantage by allowing users of any operating system to talk to iPhones without harm in iMessage. Today, this service is maintained by Apple itself as an added benefit to iPhone users.

Still, nothing is lost. In an interview with 9to5Mac, a spokesman for the search giant could not confirm whether Apple and Google discussed the adoption of RCS on iPhones.