Hyderabad Couple HiTech Farm: A young couple leaving top jobs and growing vegetables .. Earnings in crores – Hyderabad Couple Builds HiTech Farm, Can Produce Upto 29000 Kgs of Veggies Per Day


A farmer does not want his son to become a farmer .. because in our country agriculture is not a festival .. there is a concept of extortion. As befits it …

Hyderabad Couple HiTech Farm: Doctor’s son wants to be a doctor .. Actor’s son wants to be an actor. As befits it, the nature of the time when the hand of the harvester, who has worked hard for six winters, is also damaged, seems to have been damaged. With this, his breadwinner wants his child to be well educated and do a good job.
However, a young couple quit their jobs that paid them millions and opted for agriculture. Now they employ another 150 people on their farm. The couple, who harvest crops with automatic technology and earn millions, are an inspiration to today’s youth. Going into details ..

Tendulkar hails from Hyderabad and has settled in a top job abroad. Not wanting a salary in the millions, he came home with a passion for agriculture and started farming with modern technology. In fact, Sachin’s family background is not agriculture. However, he has been interested in agriculture since childhood. Born and raised in Hyderabad, Sachin settled in New Zealand after completing his education. He worked as a soft vet in a leading company for almost 18 years.

However, Sachin came to India in 2013 with the idea of ​​doing something to return home. He bought about 10 acres of land in Shamirpet, Hyderabad and set up a farm called Simply Press. It harvests natural vegetables and supplies them to various supermarkets and hotels in the city.
Sachin’s wife Shweta also helped him. They started cultivating vegetables in modern ways as they are cultivated abroad. Nature-ready vegetables are grown to the fullest extent without the use of any chemical fertilizers.

Simply Press Farm farms about 150 varieties of vegetables. At present, 8,000 kg of various vegetables are grown here daily. Special water sources have been set up for the cultivation of these vegetables. The couple received good results in the 2017-18 financial year as expected.

Tendulkar has recently set up another farm on 150 acres near Siddipet with an investment of Rs 2 crore. There are also about 150 varieties of vegetables grown there. Sachin and the white couple said that they are growing about 29,000 kg of vegetables a day from these two fields. The farm, which is equipped with automatic technology, employs about 150 people. The young couple, Sachin and Shweta, have turned farming into a festival by cultivating modern methods of hard work. Ideal for today’s generation.

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