‘In 15 minutes’: ultra-fast delivery gets new gear with Daki


“Same day delivery”, or rather, “fast delivery”, are terms that for the most immediate consumers already sound outdated. It’s possible to say that now it’s time for ultra-fast delivery and preferably fresh and chilled. And, it is on this fast treadmill that demands for innovation, that the Paulistana Daki startup startup presents itself as a new player willing to fight for space with the big players in the market delivery sector, announcing delivery in up to 15 minutes.

In almost a year of existence, the company created by partners Alex Bretzner, Rodrigo Maroja and CEO Rafael Vasto has fulfilled the promise of providing customers with basic items, ranging from fresh bread to wine, through petshops and pharmacy, avoiding frustration of having to change the product type or receive credits if something is missing.

The condition for the user to enjoy the convenience is to live within the service zone in one of the approximately 50 neighborhoods in the cities of São Paulo, ABC, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro and Niterói. And the magic occurs because the app uses a system of dark stores and not by intermediary markets with purchasing assistants, having their own product storage centers.