Instagram now requires date of birth to protect young users


This Monday, the 30th, the Instagram announced that it will start asking for the birth date of users. The initiative is intended to protect minors and it will be mandatory to continue using the social network.

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The application will only be for those who have not registered their date of birth and should start appearing in the next weeks.

The information is private, but mandatory, which means that, eventually, anyone who evades the question will not be allowed to use Instagram.

“This information allows us to create new safety features for young people and helps us ensure that we provide the right experiences for their age groups,” the company said in a press release.

To signal the date of birth, Instagram will make available two options:

  1. When opening Instagram, will be shown a notification at the top of the screen;
  2. To view publications with sensitive content, you will need to share your date of birth if you have not done so before.

Warning screens for sensitive content are nothing new to Instagram, but prior to that, birth date was not a requirement to view the post.