iPhone 13 maintains last year’s design, with new camera and battery


A Apple released this wednesday, 14, the new iPhone 13. Apple’s smartphone features the same straighter-edged design that was introduced in the previous generation last year. The difference lies in the alignment of the rear cameras, which are now diagonally across.

The device is also available in the Mini version and in 5 colors: white, black, blue, pink and red. Apple announced that it has re-architectured the smartphone internally to include a larger battery.

The new ones iPhone 13 and 13 Mini leave for the following prices:

  • iPhone 13: starting at $ 799
  • iPhone 13 Mini: Starting at $ 699

There is still no release date in Brazil. Apple also announced new Apple Watch Series 7 and a redesign of the iPad Mini.

New iPhone 13 iPhone 13: devices come in 5 colors

iPhone 13: Devices come in 5 colors (Apple/Playback)

The manufacturer doesn’t give details, but guarantees a battery “that lasts all day” and promises longer battery life. The improvement, according to Apple, is guaranteed by optimized software functions, the new A15 Bionic processor and “smart mode”, which switches the phone to 4G when the 5G is not being used.


The iPhone 13s maintain the dual-camera system, but Apple has updated the sensors for capturing images, which are now larger and capable of capturing 47% more light.