Mais1Code wants to ‘reprogram the quebrada’ with a class for young people in the community


Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, 71% of families living in Brazilian peripheries they are surviving on less than half of their original income, according to a survey by Data Favela, in partnership with Instituto Locomotiva and Central Única das Favelas. At the same time, it is known that the programming market it is scarce and always in search of qualified labor.

It was thinking of this contradiction that the But1Code, a project that provides quality technological education and access to training paths for the social and economic development of the peripheral area, free of charge and 100% online.

The idea is led by friends Tauan Matos, a specialist in the development of high-end franchises, and Diogo Bezerra, a marketing graduate, member of the Young Leader of the Americas program and founder of the 4WAY English school.

Friends since they were 14 years old, Matos and Bezerra were always looking for new ways to be an entrepreneur, whether it was selling water or fireworks in front of Corinthians games or trying to find some jobs. “We tested everything we could do to test entrepreneurship, without knowing that it was this”, recalls Matos about their adolescence in the Jardim Brasil neighborhood, in the North Zone of São Paulo.

The Mais1Code project was conceived by the duo in 2019, when a resident of the community, named Gabriel, asked where he could find a project that would teach programming for free and in the same language as his. Bezerra, one of the founders, even looked for it, but he didn’t find any initiative that had a connection with the boy’s reality.

Before long, Bezerra proposed the idea to Matos, who, as a teenager, also had an interest in programming that was not deepened due to lack of opportunities. “Not having an answer for him [Gabriel] it bothered me a lot. I was a Gabriel,” Matos said.